Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Oil paintings

I thought I might show you a few more paintings I have done over the last couple of years.  I have others which I'm not so fond of and some that need a little more work done on them.  Mum is always asking me to put my paintings up on my blog, so here you are Mum.

This was my third attempt at painting in oils.  I had a lot of help with this painting from my teacher, especially to get the shape of the jug handle correct and the olive leaves.  At this stage I was still learning to get shapes, light and shadows correct (umm, still learning that should be.)  I'll happily admit to doing the olives all by myself though.  Painting them was a bit of a breakthrough for me as I was starting to see how to get that 3D effect with the paint.

This painting was taken from an image I found in the travel section of a magazine.  It was taken in India's blue city, Jodhpur where many of the buildings are painted blue.  I was attracted to this image because of the vibrant colours.  Much of the work I had done up to this point had been in muted colours, so the red, green, and blue really got me fired up.  I also like the subject material, the lady washing down her front doors steps with a bucket of water and a short straw broom.   I also like the way the water running down the brickwork has deepened the blue to purple.  It was my second attempt at painting the human figure, the first being my brother milking the cow which I have posted before.  I really enjoyed painting the folds and creases in the sari which was much easier than painting arms, elbow, feet and a face.


 The image for this painting of flowering succulents was taken from a gardening magazine.   As a person who loves gardening, how could I resist the shape and colours of the leaves, the richness of the colour of the terracotta pots and the contrast of the blue base.  This one took quite a while to complete, all those leaves.  :)  I gave this painting to my parents and every time I visit them, I get a nice surprise to see this work I love again.

The painting I'm currently working on, a Mosaic of flowers, is giving me some grief.  There is so much detail and trying to get the colours right is proving difficult.  I've been working on it for quite a while now and am looking forward to finishing it so I can start on another painting.

It's interesting looking at my older paintings as I can see the flaws in them.  It is also nice to realise that I am improving little by little, thanks to the great tuition my teacher gives me.

Bye for now,

Anne  xx


  1. You definitely have a talent - they're all much better than most of us could do! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished flowers mosaic

  2. They are rather lovely. In the tiny pic in the blogger dashboard - the first pic looks like a photo - yep that good :)

  3. I think that they are really good. They have a very relaxing feel to them..all of them have.
    Maybe you was really relaxed when you painted them?

    I'm looking forward to seeing your flower mosaic one which sounds intriguing..

    Have a great week Anne xx

  4. Wow, Anne they are fabulous!! You really are a natural, those olives look real!!

    My late beloved Granddad loved to paint in oils, I have one of his paintings of a beach in the last light of the day, all deep blues and purples which I love.

    I really do love oils, what I call "proper" pictures....

    S x

  5. I really love your paintings (and I'm not just saying that to be nice).
    There is something very charming about them.
    Aren't you lucky to have such a great talent?

  6. Hey Anne, what a wonderful talent you have. I have tried oil painting and as much as I love the truth was it didn't come naturally to me like it does to you.

    I mean to say, your third attempt was the jug and bowl of olives, it's great.

    You've really captured the succulents and the woman sweeping, well I know how hard it is to paint fabric/clothing and get it to look right.
    Well, it was for me anyway, hehehe

    Look forward to seeing more of your work,

    Claire :}

  7. So beautiful. I like the little surprise you get when you visit your parents. I get this sometimes when I see my sewing works around the place (not all the time but!) Cherrie

  8. The paintings are lovely - I couldn't begin to do anything as good as that!

    Pomona x

  9. Hello Anne,

    Your work is absolutely breathtaking! All the colors and your brush strokes shows that your paintings come from your heart. Do you happen to sell your work? Thank you for the birthday greeting. Let me know when yours is!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  10. Fabulous Anne - I particularly like the succulents too.

  11. You are really talented. Thank you for showing us your lovely paintings. I love the Olive one.

  12. Oh they are all Beautiful Anne, you are such a talented lady....wish I could paint :)

    I just love the succulents painting, but they are all amazing!


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