Thursday, 9 June 2011


 I'd like to introduce you to Percy.

I found the pattern for Percy here.

A profile view.

As you can see he has rather a big bottom.

Percy has feet made from felt rather than crochet as indicated in the pattern.  I tried three times to make his feet but couldn't wrap my head around the instructions.  I think his rather large felt feet suit him just fine.

Percy stands at about 22cm in height.  I won't disclose his waist measurement 'cos he might be a tad embarrassed if we talk about the size of his girth!

We all know that penguins can't fly, unfortunately Percy didn't believe me when I told him and just had to try it anyway.  It doesn't help when you have been eating more than your fair share of fish.

Percy is moving to his new home tomorrow with one of Miss G.'s friends who adores penguins.  He will be in the company of four moggies who are sure to pay him lots of attention.

Bye for now,

Anne  xx


  1. I love you Percy. I had a Pengy when I was little and truth be told even when I was big. Penguin Island was also one of my all time favourite places to visit when I was little. Don't worry about the girth bit - it just goes to show maturity. I know, because I have one too. Cherrie

  2. Percy is very Pretty!! Well done, I wish I had a Percy too! Have a wonderful week, take care Yollie

  3. Such a cutie! Love your Percy, he looks gorgeous!
    Hope you have a great day, Anne!
    Hugs, xoxo

  4. Oh my goodness Percy is just gorgeous, he is the cutest penquin i've ever seen, love him!
    Karen :)

  5. Hey Anne, Percy is sooooo cute and I love his felt feet............

    I'm feeling a bit like Percy........too many fish!!! But it is Winter............

    I used to love watching Pingu, the kids' show and the Penguins were made out of plasticene and they were adorable.

    There'll be no stopping you now.......

    Claire :}

  6. Hi Anne , Percy is a total cutie I'm sure Miss G's freind will be over the moon with him :0)
    Jacquie x

  7. How do you crochet so quickly?!
    He's very cute - I love his bum.

  8. How gorgeous is that penguin! I love the circle for his tummy. I hope the moggies don't give him a hard time. Maybe you should send the crochet hook with him. Purely for defensive purposes, of course.

  9. Isn't he cute!

    Well done! I'm sure G's friend will adore him!

  10. me again, I forgot to say thank you for the comment you left on my bean spilling post!

    It has never occured to me before that you couldn't put a face to the names so I'm glad I decided to add pictures now!

  11. Percy is adorable, Anne!
    Love the crochet where he is sitting on the last photo.
    Have a nice weekend.


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