Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pruning and gardening

A cold but sunny winter's day is perfect for a spot of gardening, so that's what I did today.  As my chooks have been free ranging, parts of my garden are looking like this.

Image from here.

While I've been happy for the sick chook to get back to good health, free ranging is going to be a little bit more restricted now.  I've lost some pansy seedlings but the primulas are o.k., just.  A creeping campanula is a little worse for wear but I'm sure it will survive.  So I've tidied up the affected garden beds and am thinking about what other plants I could risk putting in now that it is very cold.  I might just have to look around for some pots of colour which at this time of the year are usually polyanthus in a glorious array of colours.

Image found here.

Have a look at this.

 Image found here.

This is pretty much what I was doing this afternoon although I wasn't quite as precarious as this fella.  I quite like climbing trees so the height factor doesn't bother me.   I managed to saw through three large branches (about five more to go) without doing myself an injury.  I must have looked quite a sight balancing on branches and hanging clinging on with one arm.  Brute strength isn't something I'm known for so I had to have quite a few rests in between sawing.  Nothing quite like a little aerobic/bicep strengthening exercise.  :)  I'm a bit sore this evening but lucky for me hubby cooks dinner on Saturday nights, so I'm curled up on the couch blogging with a kitty purring in my ear.  Methinks it's time for crochet.

Anne  xx

P.S. Hubby is making savoury crepes for dinner.


  1. Hey cob, you can come and prune my trees. That fella was me a couple of years ago when I tidied up a Cape Lilac that was too scruffy.
    Freezer tea for me tonight as the cook is in Tassie.

  2. You've definitely brought back childhood memories here. I used to love climbing trees and finding places to read in them or simply to get to the fruit. Wouldn't mind a bite of those savoury pancakes either. I made of broccolli, parmesan and capers pasta that my son loves. It wasn't too bad either. Cherrie

  3. Hope those crepes were good. Have a good weekend. x

  4. Hi Anne thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I so enjoyed reading this post, brave lady climbing trees with saws, havent tried that yet. Hope your crepes were tasty, enjoy the weekend :Karen x

  5. It's great gardening weather at the moment.
    A good time to work on the bones of the garden.
    I've been busy shifting plants and pruning too.
    Love happy winter colour.

  6. We had chickens a few years ago and it's amazing the havoc they can wreak in your garden, but I did like to see them pottering about so we restricted it too.

    What's hubby putting in your savoury crepes? We like ham and cheese and I have a lovely recipe for a more elaborate dish where you wrap chicken, pesto and artichokes in the crepes and then smother in cheese sauce before baking - yummy!!

    S x

  7. yes chickens have a habit of doing that ! I have a poorly hen at the mo too. I did exactly the same yesterday cutting huge branches down & hubby did the tough ones. It's raining today as forecast & I can se my garden getting a good water & looking a lot clearer for the cutting back !


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