Thursday, 30 June 2011

Photo scavenger hunt - June

Here are my photos for June's hunt.  I've been scrambling the last few days to complete my list as June has been busy with the 21st and 18th birthday parties of my girls.  There are a few artistic interpretations of a couple on the list, but I think that is part of the fun of taking these photos.

1.  Something with my town's name on it.
Outside the local primary school.
2.  An elephant
My nephew drew this for me a couple of years ago in my sketchbook.
3.  A wheel trim.

Artistic license taken with this photo.  I could have used this for childhood memories too as I remember pushing this old wheel trim around when I was a little girl.  It has a piece of wire attached (you can see that at the top left of the photo) which means you can push it like a wheelbarrow.  I loved looking at the patterns it made in the very sandy ground where I grew up.
4.  Architectural detail.

A local boys private Catholic school.  This building is a new addition to the school and quite hideous in my opinion.
5.  Cheese

Brie and rice crackers.  The cheese was left over from Genevieve's birthday party.  Sometimes it's good to over cater.
6.  Night

Solar powered Chinese lanterns hanging around the garden room in the backyard.
7.  Tree branches

Winter branches of the Sycamore tree in the front yard.

8.  Cutlery

My cutlery drawer.  It would appear that it is my peg drawer too!
9.  A childhood memory.

 I can't remember where I was exactly when this photo was taken of me or how old I was but I do remember that little overcoat.  I loved the fur collar.  Look at all those freckles.  That's what the Australian sun did to my fair skin.
10.  A farm animal

Missy and Eagle free ranging in the back yard.
11.  Something beginning with Z....

Visiting Toronga Zoo in Sydney.  It was the best I could come up with for something starting with Z...

12.  The view right outside my door.

A very wintry garden view out the front door.
A very interesting list for the month of June which I have enjoyed immensely.  Looking forward to the July list.

Anne  xx


  1. Anne these are all such lovely photos. I thought to myself after I saw your May edition, that I really should get motivated and join in.... and hello here it is June already and into July! This is a fun idea and I am going to try for July. Love that giraffe shot with the city view.

  2. Well done Anne. Some were quite hard this time ....until I got myself into gear anyway. Tell me did all those freckles fade? Mine did !

  3. Hi Anne , love your photos. I need to tidy my cutlery draw :0)
    I've still got to find a wheel trim ...driving me mad !!
    Yes I loved our goats...2 for milk named Annabelle and Lola ...lola was white and had a lovely nature and the nicer milk :0)
    Jacquie x

  4. Great photos - love the view from your door :)

  5. Thesse are great. I love seeing what people come up with.
    Must join in for July.

  6. Another interesting set of photos! I've been doing lots of last minute too - I'm off down to dad's workshop shortly to stage my final photo for something beginning with Z!

  7. Great photos, Anne. Love the view from your door and the tree branches. I have a few pegs in my cutlery drawer too. I use them for closing the tops of half empty packets & etc. Looking forward to July's challenge now:)

  8. The elephant is so cute and I agree that the boys school is hideous!

  9. Great photos ... I love seeing collections from other countries! The view from your door is lovely!

  10. Gorgeous view from your door - very artistic. I wish my cutlery drawer was as tidy as yours.
    Love from Mum

  11. This scavenger list looks so fun. Each month, when I see yours, I can't help thinking that I should look at the other offerings and maybe join in myself. The elephant makes me smile, as does the giraffe. Great view!

  12. haha! the elephant is so cute.. that building also looks like it was built in the late 70s! like the architecture building at queens university belfast.. the most hideous 70s design ever! only updated last year I think. Great collection of photos!

  13. I wouldn't dare photograph my cutlery drawer! And I love the giraffe!

  14. I love the photo of the hens, and you were a little cutie weren't you?
    I've still got to find an elephant for mine.

  15. You know, I don't mind that school building.
    I'm not sure they picked the right coloured plants to stick in front of it - they are kind of yellow too. Maybe a darker green would have been better.

    Love your night-time shot.
    And I love your freckles.
    Even though I have olive skin - I still have freckles.

  16. Love your night time picture and the wheel trim


  17. Nice photos, Anne!
    What a gorgeous hair you have! Love your blues eyes too!
    Would be great to take a cup of coffee with you at your nice porch.

  18. HI Anne! Nice to meet you!
    Thank you so much for your kind words!
    Love these pictures collection! Very beautiful full of humors and life! Absolutely fantastic!


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