Monday, 25 July 2011

Looking on the bright side

Today is Monday, much like any other Monday really when I meet up with one of my best friends for a knit/crochet and natter morning.  We take it in turns to visit each others house which gives us a chance to admire each others gardens, exchange gossip, drink coffee and generally have girl fun.  As we hadn't seen each other for about a month, we had lots to catch up on today.

Monday is also oil painting class day which is in the afternoon.  After a quick lunch, I decided to let the chooks out of their coop to have a wander in their run..  It has been raining and raining here and the ground is very sodden and slippery.  As I was returning to the house, I slipped in some mud and ended up on my bottom feeling rather sorry for myself as my jeans were not only soaked but covered in mud.  As I was sitting on the ground thinking that I was going to be late for my class, I began to think on the bright side.  Here is a list of things I came up with.

I wasn't hurt, a bit tender and bruised, but no broken bones or sprains.
My jeans and undies were the only items of clothing that were muddy and wet.
I had a fresh pair of jeans (and undies) to change into.  All they needed was an iron, the jeans that is.  I don't iron undies, life is too short.  :)
I had plenty of water to soak my jeans in.
I'm planning on washing tomorrow anyway.
While I was in the laundry putting my jeans in to soak, I remembered that the sheets I had put in to wash this morning from last weeks visitors, were ready to be put in the dryer.  No sun for drying clothes outside unfortunately.
The egg I had collected and was carrying in my left hand didn't break when I fell.
I thought it might be fun to blog about something that must have looked so funny when it happened.
I have an awesome camera to document where I actually fell.
When I was outside taking photos of my skid mark, I took the opportunity "to smell the roses" which actually means I looked at some of my winter flowers as there are no roses in bloom.
I photographed my flowers to share with you.
I thought about the wonderful fact that because we have had so much of rain, our dams are now at 60% capacity.  After more than 10 years of drought they did get down to 28% capacity which is quite scary.

How is that for for a list!  Now here are the photos.

My AWESOME skid mark.  :)
My soggy back yard and AWESOME skid mark!
Pretty candy pink Primulas.   

Snapdragons hanging on by a thread.
Delicately coloured Hellebores.
Hellebore flowers and buds.
When was the last time you looked on the bright side of something because if you didn't you might just burst into tears?

Have a wonderful evening/day everyone.

Anne  xx


  1. Good for you for seeing the good side - I often take that sort of attitude when things don't go to plan!

    When Dave first visited my home land, I took him to the nearby town of Buxton and we walked up a hill after there had been lots of rain. On the way down I said to him that if he slipped and got all muddy I wouldn't let him in the car - five minutes later, I slipped over and slid all the way down the hill!! I had to take my jeans off before I could get in the car!

  2. Maybe about now. My mouse sander has stopped working but the good news is I found it in the first place and got half or more of the project done by machine. It's good that I started on this project and not on the other less important one. It left me with enough energy to check the washing machine and rewash the last load, also clean the soaked pans and wash the wet floors. That is all amazing stuff any day. Then I remembered that I probably haven't had my tablets today and it is better to remember now than half way through the nights sleep when I start going funny. I'm afraid my list isn't as long as yours. Your flowers are pretty. It is wonderful that even with so much rain and cold around there are still pretty things to see in loved garden. Cherrie

  3. Hey Anne, awesome skid................glad you didn't hurt yourself and can look on the bright side of things.
    I had a fall yesterday out in the garden on a damp piece of wood, should've known better!!
    Good points.........I didn't hurt myself and nobody was about to see me in such an unladylike pose.

    We need to take stock sometimes and see the positive,iti makes such a difference to the outcome.

    Beautiful Hellebores and I love those Snapdragons.

    Claire :}

  4. That is indeed an awesome skid mark! I'm very impressed that you didn't break the egg, well done.

    Love the primulas.

  5. I try to look on the bright side of everything that happens, otherwise I probably would have lost my mind years ago. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things in your life right now.

  6. I am glad you didn't hurt yourself!

    Love always seeing your beautufil and green garden.
    It's really so good seeing the good side of the life.

    Wishing you a nice week ahead.

  7. Wow, really impressed you didn't break the egg. I have a vision of you with your arm in the air holding the egg high out of harms way whilst skidding along the mud haha. So glad you didn't hurt yourself.

  8. Great to look on the bright side. I had looked on the bright side the other day when I found myself locked out of the house. I went and had coffee with a friend and did some shopping! Glad you weren't hurt - pretty good landing I'd say. cheers Wendy

  9. Do be careful! But your lovely photos of the flowers make up for it! x

  10. What a lovely green garden, and some beautiful flowers in spite of the season. I am so glad that you were able to look on the bright side (I try to, but often don't succeed) - but maybe you need something over that skid because it might not be so easy to be cheerful next time!

    Pomona x

  11. I do believe it is always best to look on the bright side of things. Glad to hear that you didn't hurt yourself. I love seeing all of those bright cheery flowers. Thanks for sharing them Anne. :)

  12. How funny ! that was quite a fall. Glad to hear you sounding so positive.
    ( you remember that T'ai Chi retreat I went on ? We had to direct our thoughts while we were counting sticks / meditating - our prayer really, to somewhere or someone, so I sent it to you. I didn't tell you at the time but now I see it's working xx )

  13. I love your garden! Maybe not the skid mark as my children would optimize it and spend a happy afternoon making it far, far longer! So good to see the light side of a situation. And great save on the egg! Have a great weekend.

  14. That is one wet garden and an impressive skid. Glad you're OK, was nice of you to share!


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