Sunday, 10 July 2011

Photos from Western Australia

Good morning!  I am very happy to tell you that hubby is well and almost back to normal.  With a few minor changes here and there to his lifestyle, he should remain in good health for a long period of time.  :)

I have a small selection of photos to share with you today.  Unfortunately I didn't have time to take all the photos I wanted to, but there is always next visit back home.

This is Jess, my brother's Kelpie sheepdog.  Her life is sheep driven and she loves to work.

This is Bonnie, an older sheepdog who is a big softy and loves cuddles.  Check out how long Jess's tongue is in the background.

This is Humphrey who is 13 years old, enjoying the sunshine on the front veranda.  He was displaying his tummy to me as an invitation for a belly rub.  Isn't he cute?  He is a small cat with a tummy that looks like a barrel and when he trots around he looks so funny.  Every night he goes for a walk with Mum when she is shutting up the chooks and feeding Eddie.

Eddie the pet emu was quite affectionate this visit. He is about 40 years old.

He has very scaly legs and feet which we attribute to his age.

Having a sit down.

There were lots of lovely little lambs gambolling around but I couldn't get to close enough for a good photo.

Looking east.


This is Ben, my nephew who is 6'3".  He is in a band and I was planning to see a gig they were doing in a local country town on Saturday night.  Unfortunately I missed that one but perhaps I'll get lucky next visit.

There are always old bits and pieces lying around farm yards and I was taken with this old coil of rusty wire and the colour contrast with the blue sky. 

This is on an old harvester.  I just couldn't resist taking a photo of that lovely word, sunshine.

These are baby paddy melons and definitely not suitable to eat.  They are considered a weed and can be toxic to sheep if they eat too many.  I took the photo for the pretty yellow/green colour contrasting against the dirt.

Mum's ivy leaf pelagonium on the front veranda.  Isn't the colour spectacular?

I also have a lovely photo of Mum operating the twin tub washing machine in the wash house but I know she wouldn't want me to show it, so I won't.  You're safe Mum!!   :)

I hope you've enjoyed this little taste of my visit to Western Australia.
  Bye for now,

Anne  xx


  1. Oh my goodness Anne..I had it in my head that you were away so I was surprised to see your comments. I am sooo glad that all is well!! What a ghastly phone call to receive when you were so far away. Your pictures are just lovely & capture the essence of Western Australia so well! What a hoot Eddy long do emu's generally live for I wonder? Isn't it great when you can apply that artistic eye to photo your rusty wire "Sunshine" & your Mum's red pelargonium. Do make sure that you take care of yourself in the next few weeks won't you dear girl. That was a pretty huge event for your family...phew. Much love Catherine x

  2. Lovely pics Catherine I love the rusty wire and the harvester pic, it's all lovely and 'farmy'.

    Nice to see a little bit of greenery around the place, how's the water situation over there? My folks used to have a twin tub machine....memories.

    Glad to hear all's well with your hubby, that's the best news.

    Have a great week,

    Claire :}

  3. I am so glad that your husband is recovering - it must have been so distressing for you. And they are lovely pictures of the farm and all the animals - what beautiful light!

    Pomona x

  4. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, they look so exotic to me back in the UK especially the pet emu and spiky melons!!

    Glad to hear your hubby is feeling better....

    S x

  5. such beautiful pictures :-) just come across your lovely blog and am looking forward to reading more! sorry your husband hasn't been well but glad he is feeling better

  6. I think I love Eddie.
    And those paddy melons are so cute.
    Hope you had a wonderful time catching up with all the family.

  7. Oh thank you for showing my button and replying about the flowers!! I love the dogs ^_^ and the emu!

  8. Shame you had to miss out on the gig, but glad to hear everything is ok!

    This is a sneak peek at what you missed out on ;)

  9. So glad your husband is OK. What a scare for you. Also glad that you managed to take some photos before you left. I love the ears of the dogs, the landscape and Eddie, of course. Hope you had some time to rest and enjoy good company.

  10. Sorry to hear about your scare re your hubby and glad to hear all is looking well again. Love the contrast between the rusty wire and the blue sky - a lovely colour combination. I have the English version of Humphrey the cat here, only my cat is big with a barrel tummy!

  11. Anne,
    I am glad your husband is well!

    Love seeing these photos of your Mom's property. So beautiful Jess, Bonnie and Humphrey.
    Wow! I am amazed to see Eddie with about 40 years old! He is very longevous!

    Your nephew Ben have much style.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures.


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