Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Calla lily painting

In complete contrast to my last painting Flower Mosaic , I have finished the Calla lily painting in 3 classes.  I went for a minimalist subject, one flower with an abstract background which is the foliage out of focus.  I am so happy to have completed a painting so quickly.

My next painting is going to be a portrait, very new territory for me.  It's an image from a magazine with lovely light in a lovely setting.  I'll keep you updated if you are interested.

Anne  xx


  1. Oh Anne, of course we're interested. Look forward to seeing it.

    Your LIly, is wonderful, the red/burgundy edging really lifts it off the canvas, brilliant.

    Another great painting. What do you do with them all?

    Claire :}

  2. WOW, wow wow wow its gorgeous' you should sell painting, i would absolutely buy one, what a talent :D
    Karen xxxx

  3. of course we're interested, I look forward to seeing you next painting.

  4. Beautiful picture, Anne.
    Love from Mum


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