Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bright colours

Some time ago I bought some fabric which I loved because of the bright colours. 

The colours inspired me to start work on a granny square cushion and I'm nearly finished the second side of the cushion with only 5 more rows to complete.
I love these colour combinations so much I've decided to make a throw as well.  Thankfully I have plenty of wool left in these colours.

Another day of beautiful sunshine and another sun bathing opportunity for the girls.

They must be feeling very happy with sunshine and free ranging and rewarded us with two eggs today.  I feel a spot of cooking coming on.  

Speaking of cooking, I made apple muffins and gingernut biscuits on Sunday night and now there are only two muffins left and less than half the biscuits.  I can't keep up with the appetites of this family, I tell you.  Hubby keeps telling me to stop making yummy things to eat, but if I don't, well you should hear the grumbles.  Thinking I would have to bake again today, I suddenly remembered the carrot cake I had in the freezer.  A couple of weeks ago when making a carrot cake, I doubled the mixture so I could bake an extra one to put in the freezer.  Saves on electricity too when you double recipes.  I use to put leftovers in the freezer from our dinner meals too, but now hubby takes them to work for lunch.  :(  Perhaps I'll have to triple my dinner recipes!  Do you double recipes so there are leftovers for the freezer?

Bye for now,

Anne  xx


  1. The colours of the granny square cushion are gorgeous, so vibrant.
    That is a good idea to make extra and freeze it.
    I've nearly done that when I've made a usual recipe for four and there's only been three of us eating, but we've ended up having extra portions instead!

  2. i love that fabric! so much! the crochet looks fab too

  3. We nearly always have left overs which go either in the freezer or towards another meal.
    Your cushion cover looks lovely with those bright colours and your hens look truly happy.
    Love from Mum

  4. I love the bright and cheery colours you are using. You have put so much work into your cushion cover. It is beautiful.

    I try to make one and freeze one, if I'm making something like lasagne or cottage pie. I'm so thankful when I have a busy day and I can dig one of them out of the freezer. I also double fruit pies. Yum!

  5. Hey Anne, loving your cushion, those colours really pop. Orange and pink together remind me of my garden full of Zinnias.......just gorgeous.

    I think a throw in those colours would be wonderful. Are you going to use the fabric for anything?

    As there are only 3 of us here, I will freeze leftovers and of course when I make soup I freeze quite a bit of it. I'm not all that keen on cooking so I don't often double recipes to freeze half, but have done in the past and it certainly is handy.

    Your girls look very happy and warm in the sunshine.

    Claire :}

  6. Geez, those chookens make me smile!

    I'm so jealous - you fly through your projects - why am I soooooooo slow?

    Love the colours!!

  7. What lovely happy looking chooks you have there! They look a bit more tame than mine (we're getting there slowly!). I love your crochet colours - very cheery!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Carrie xxx

  8. That's such a clever trick to follow the colours of another item you love. Beautiful combination Anne.

    A good reminder for the benefits of doubling cooking mixture too!

  9. I love what you have made & the fabric is gorgeous. Wonderful colour scheme. Lovely to see the chooks basking in the sunshine. I miss my girls.

  10. Anne you have been busy since I was last here! I'm sorry I haven't visited for so long...I do enjoy popping in =]

    Thank you for your continued support over on my little patch of blogland - even throughout my absence! xxx


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