Friday, 5 August 2011

Giant choc chip cookie

Miss G., the quirky girl that she is, decided to make a giant choc chip cookie as part of a friend's 18th birthday gift.

An old pizza tray makes an excellent surface to bake a cookie this big!
Beautifully baked

With simple decoration.  

I picked some of my neighbour's Japonica (she doesn't mind), and placed it in the entry.

The colour is a little washed out in this photo.

Better colour representation.

Loving these two colours together.

Have a lovely day everyone,

Anne  xx


  1. ooh we have Japonica too - it's done the back with the other fruit trees. I'd better check if it's in blossom too! Aren't they pretty - such lovely photos Anne.

    As for the choc chip - I'll have one to go thanks! cheers Wendy

  2. Lucky Erica, that giant cookie looks delish.

    Love the colours in the Japonica and the wall Anne...........two of my favourite colours. They are such happy, cheery colours together.

    A vase full of Japonica looks wonderful. I always cut an armful and bring inside, but I shall have to move all my sewing stuff off the table first so I can put the vase there, hehehe.....

    Another warmish day here and quite blowy too. Looking forward to cooler temps over the weekend.

    Claire :}

  3. Wow! Giant cookie looks delish!
    And that Japonica is truly stunning, particularly with the teal background.

  4. Fabulous cookie ! The Japonica is stunning in your photos.

  5. Delicious looking cookie, and the japonica is gorgeous.

  6. Brilliant idea for a cookie. It is No2 size : ) If he's a good boy, I might make him one for his birthday too!
    My mum had japonica is her old house and I'd forgotten how lovely it is. It is perfect against your wall colour.

  7. My son loves cookies, I think I will bake him one for his birthday next week! Beautiful pics of the flowers!

  8. Those two colours work so well together! The cookies looks good too :)

  9. Your cookie cake turned out so beautifully. I had a friend make me one for my 18th birthday and still remember it fondly all these years later. So good to have come by today. Loved the bright coral flowers against the vivid turquoise. Very nice!


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