Friday, 5 August 2011


Hi everyone.  I want to let you know that the 9th of August is the birthday of my good friend Louise from the blog Ramblings of a Roachling.

I met Louise just over a year ago when I started blogging.  Since then from following her blog, I have enjoyed some absolutely beautiful walks she has been on, in and around the area she lives.  I have learnt  historical facts about places she has visited, things about animals, birds and plants found in the U.K. which are unique to me being an Aussie.

Some of the things I've learnt about Louise are:

She loves flares.
Her favoured footware is either flip flops or wellingtons.
Loves walking in mud, in her wellingtons of course  :)
Loves going for exploratory walks.
Loves taking photos for her blog.
Is a vegetarian.
She and her boyfriend Dave, are big Dr. Who fans, and one winter made a Dalek snowman.....AWESOME!!!
Rolling down big steep hills is not only for kids.
 Works in the education industry and is on holidays now, the lucky duck.
Is glad to see the back of Wolverhampton.
She and Dave are FINALLY together after years of commuting to Woverhampton on the weekends.
Loves living in the country.
Loves the Roaches with a passion.
Is a FANTASTIC friend.

And she doesn't like birthdays....he, he and I've just told everyone about it!!!  :)


I got in very early Louise because you  need a good few days to CELEBRATE.  One day just isn't enough!!

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and have loads and loads of fun whatever you do.
 Anne  xx


  1. Such a lovely post! Happy Birthday to Louise! I'm sure to stop by her blog! Thank you for sharing!
    Great weekend, xo

  2. Happy Birthday, Louise!
    Love from Mum

  3. Anne you're so sweet, happy birthday to Louise, will pop by her blog for a peek :D
    LOL Karen x

  4. I agree with Karen, you are very sweet! This post coincided perfectly with the arrival of a birthday card from 'down under' too! Thank you very much Anne, I wasn't expecting a card and certainly not this post *shakes fist*, hehe!

    What you have said is all true - though actually I don't mind squelching through the mud WITHOUT wellies! I love being barefoot too and it's good once in a while to get mud between ones toes!

    I don't actually dislike birthdays, it's just that I always seem to have a disappointing day and end up miserable! Partly because Dave isn't very good at romance or special occasions and doesn't do anything to make the day special. At least I'll never spend another birthday alone all day in wolverhampton!! I know this birthday will be the best I've had in years just because I'll actualyl be at home, yay!!

    Again, THANK YOU for the card and for this post!

  5. Happy Birthday to Louise!
    Anne you did a lovely post to your friend. So nice of you!

  6. I had a phase when my birthday always seemed to be on a wet Monday and was accompanied by a disastrously useless present - so I know what Louise means. Pity you couldn't post her the cake! (Although a virtual one is so much healthier . . .)

    Pomona x


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