Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Life the last few days

Good morning everyone.    Have a look at this gorgeous kookaburra that decided to sit in a tree in the front garden Sunday morning after sampling a juicy worm or two.

I love their faces.  I know birds are feathery, but to me kookaburras look fluffy.

I started working on a new painting of a calla lily in art class on Monday. 

Blocking in colour.

Yesterday we had some unexpected sunshine, warmth and breeze, so I took the opportunity to put some clothes on the line and do a spot of gardening.  It was so lovely being outdoors.  Here are a few photos of the backyard. 

The roses were pruned during yesterdays gardening session.

Missy and Eagle doing their thing, helping to mow the grass.
I hope all is well with you and yours,

Anne  xx


  1. It certainly looks like a lovely day there Anne - your garden is looking just great. Don't you just love getting stuck into the roses during winter!? I know I do. cheers Wendy

  2. I agree about kookaburras looking fluffy. There are some near me at blackbrook zoo and i always love to see them. How nice to see one in the wild.

  3. I love the pic of your chickens in the garden with the washing in the background - pure domestic bliss :)

    Don't want to think about winter yet - we're just heading towards the end of our summer - can see hints of Autumn appearing now.

  4. Love your photos Anne, beautiful garden, cute hens & i'm loving the look of your new painting, keep us updated Mrs Renoir :D
    Lol Karen x

  5. Love your kookaburra photo - reminded me of the song we used to sing in primary school! I don't suppose that was gum tree he was sitting in though?

  6. Hey Anne, your garden pics look lovely with the sun shining, always nice to get washing dry on the line.

    Love Kookaburras, we used to have a pet one when we were kids. It would sit on my mum's shoulder and at mince meat from her hand. He was called Peter!!

    The girls look like they've found something very, very interesting, hehe....

    Your Lily is looking good..........just one flower this time?

    Claire :}

  7. Oooh, look at him!! He does look fluffy!! And much more exotic than our sparrows and blackbirds!!

    S x

  8. Beautiful photos on a beautiful day. All seems well with your world. Love the chickens.
    Love from Mum

  9. What a most gorgeous kookaburra! Yes, Ithink they look fluffy too!
    We saw some up close last year at out local (ish) zoo, and we all fell in love with them.

    Your peacock is fantastic! i love him, and I think all those greens on your calla lily look gorgeous, so vibrant, yet very serene too!

    Have a great week Anne. xxx

  10. A bit of sunshine makes all the difference doesn't it? I love the photo of the hens.

  11. Wow! That Kookaburra is gorgeous! We saw one at the wildlife park last week and they are beautiful.
    Love the pics of your garden too.

  12. What a gorgeous day in your gorgeous garden. The sun should shine every day. xxx

  13. Yes they are " fluffy " looking birds ! Glad you are enjoying the winter sunshine in your lovely garden & producing some beautifulk paintings too xx

  14. I've only ever seen Kookaburras in a wildlife sanctuary - how wonderful to see them in the wild. They do look fluffy rather than feathery! Your garden is lovely:)


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