Sunday, 21 August 2011

Little treasures found in the garden

Hello!  I hope everyone is having/has had a lovely weekend.  We have had a beautiful day of sunshine which meant I could get out in the garden again for some planting, weeding and pruning.

I've been re-potting pot plants, adding fertilizer and generally having a good tidy up.  While moving some pot plants around, I lifted up a pot and found this little creature underneath.

I'm fairly certain it is a Delicate skink.
At first I thought it was a three toed  skink from the colour and markings, but the little skink in my hand appears to have five toes.

When I first picked him up, he was very docile as he was cold.  When he warmed up in my hands, he became very lively.  I don't actually know if this is a male of a female skink, I just have a habit of calling things he if I don't know what sex they are.

Animals taking advantage of the sunshine.  Here is Missy having a sun bath.  She looks very relaxed, if somewhat inelegant!
She seems quite partial to hubby's old work boots.

Sophie and Missy sun bathing in close proximity. 
Please excuse the assortment of shoes.  Photo opportunities have to be made the most of quickly, so tidying up for a photo wasn't on the agenda.  :)

Bye for now,

 Anne  xx


  1. You have sunshine? Lucky you. Pretty dismal and rainy here today.

    Love the skink. x

  2. Hi Anne, WOW! Firstly I have to say, there is no way in the world Holly would stay so close to our girls and not have a go!! Great work! Missy looks marvellous in her ray of sunshine. I think you are right on it being a delicate skink it definitely has toes! beaut little fella to boot. Have a great week - Yollie xx

  3. What a delicate fellow....fellowess... he is! We have them here too and when our jack russell visitors come to stay, they spend ages trying to catch them, without much luck thank goodness.
    You have beautiful hands!
    I've been in the garden too and have to stop as the body is a bit too sore for the moment and as I watch the weeds are growing bigger and there are new ones coming up everywhere.
    love Aubrey

  4. Hasn't the weather been beautiful?!
    I've been puddling round in the garden too - wonderful to be outside in the sunshine.

    Missy is hilarious!

  5. Isn't your skink fascinating! Don't think I've ever seen one before. I just seem to find slugs & snails : 0 Love the candid photo of missy all spread-eagled like that. Must be great having chooks. Loved your fabulous peacock in an earlier post. Hope you're having a good week. Much love Catherine

  6. I love the way that hens sunbathe - and that amazing leg angle!

    Pomona x

  7. Great photos Anne. Talk about a relaxed chook! cheers Wendy

  8. The delicate Skink is indeed delicate.
    In the first photo he looks like a tiny pewter statue.

  9. We have an Australian children's book that has a skink in it, which I had not heard of before. Thank you for sharing your photo. I'll be able to show my children tomorrow. Skinny fellow!


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