Monday, 5 September 2011

Flowers and cushions

Hello everyone, how are you?  I've been tip toeing in the garden through the bluebells, azaleas and camellias, not the tulips as I don't have any.  I picked a little posy of azalea blossom and some of the seasons first bluebells to cheer up the window sill near the kitchen sink.  I do look out onto garden when I'm doing the dishes although there aren't too many spring flowers yet.
The vase is a soft drink bottle which I kept from a lunch out one day.  It was so pretty and just the right size for this spot.

The camellias are still flowering which is so lovely.  As I can't see them from inside, I picked some blossom  to enjoy. 

 I love the contrast of the glossy green leaves against the red and pink blossom.

See the fabric behind the vase in the photo below, that is two cushions I made from the fabric that inspired my bright coloured granny square cushion.

Can you see two little paws in the bottom left hand corner?  They belong to Stripey.
I've started making my giant granny square throw in bright colours which is currently about the size of a cushion.  Lots more to do yet to make it big enough for me to snuggle under.

I'll be back soon with a painting update.  Take care,

Anne  xx


  1. It certainly looks very Spring at your place Anne, Lovely bright colours, I Love your cushions!

  2. There's nothing better than a cheery posy of flowers picked from the garden. Makes me smile every time I pass a vase. You've grown them, you enjoy them.
    Love from Mum

  3. I love the cushions! They look fab. Got your postcard from Galway so I must pop it in the post!

  4. The azalea and bluebells look beautiful together - great combination.

  5. Gorgeous flowers!!

    I've said it before but it does make my head spin to think you are approaching spring whilst we head into autumn!!

    Love the cushion, fabulous!!

    S x

  6. I forget as we turn to autumn, you turn to spring. It never ceases to amaze me that there are people living on the other side of the world!

    I love that fabric Anne and it goes well with your granny cushions - can't wait to see the blanket!

  7. Bloomin' marvellous Anne........couldn't resist that,

    Love Camellias and pink and red together,mmmm.

    Your cushions are looking great, you must be very pleased with how they turned out. Can't wait to see your blanket.
    Mine is coming along ever so slowly, but I'm making progress......

    A cloudy overcast day here hope you are getting a bit of sunshine, down there.

    Claire X

  8. You inspired me to get out my never-ending crochet blanket yesterday - 2 years and counting.
    Love the pink of those camellias.

  9. Love the fabric and the blooms are so pretty ..... as for the paws ....... so sweet. x


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