Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Painting update and plants for the garden

The day always starts off so much better when you know you are going to have a haircut and the greys coloured.  My wonderful hairdresser has matched my natural hair colour after experimenting for what seems years.  It's a gingery, light reddy blond sort of colour, if that makes sense.  Last night Miss G. asked me when I was going to make the transition to grey.  WHAT???!!!!  Not for a long, long time methinks.

Monday afternoon's painting class was wonderful.  My teacher showed me what was wrong with the shape of my lady (shoulders) and gave her a much larger head.  When you think about it, we do have big heads.  Anyway, the photo below shows an improved body shape, more work on the background colours, the cupboard and the window in the top left hand corner.  I've posted the previous photo too so you can see the comparison.
Latest work

I'm loving working on this painting.  After working for 9 months on flowers, it's hardly surprising I suppose.

Before going to the hairdresser to day, I popped into Bunnings and Spotlight which just happen to be very conveniently situated opposite each other.  My purchases in Bunnings were plants.
I chose some larger pots of Alyssum rather than seedlings in the hope that the chooks will scratch around them.

I'm going to add these Impatien seedlings to the ones that have survived the winter.  They seem to do quite well on the front veranda in a pot with no sun.  I bought some Snapdragon seedlings, a flat leaf Parsely and a Rosemary plant.

Here is a picture of SUCCESS.  

I have finally managed to get some Grape Hyacinth to grow and actually flower.  Don't they have the most adorable little flowers?!  And the colour is so pretty.  These ones are in a pot, but I have some others growing in the garden.  I have Cinerarias about to come into full bloom and will share them with you when they show their faces.

I haven't talked about Spotlight purchases which I'll leave for another post.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by,

Anne  xx


  1. Hey Anne, nice to have some flowering plants to pop into the garden. I was wondering around my garden today, not alot happening, but it really is a shrubbery. Must get cracking and get some flowers etc. happening.
    Love the blue of Grape Hyacinth. I have some growing in the compost !!
    Pretty compost, lol....

    Your painting is coming along nicely great to see the progress.
    How convenient for Spotters and Bunnings to be in the one place. I wonder what you have purchased? More yarn perhaps?

    Enjoy the rest of the week,

    Claire :}

  2. I'm a bit of a sucker for those ready to plant ones too. I have to fence the chooks off though!
    Come on - let's see what you've bought at S'light. cheers Wendy

  3. Wow, love the two pics of your painting, fascinating to see the differences!!

    Lovely flowers too....

    S x

  4. The painting is coming on a treat. Keep posting pics as you go along then we can see it all from start to finish. The flowers remind me of Spring. It's chucking it down here in the UK.
    Love from Mum

  5. I'm glad you are enjoying the painting. I can see that the shape is improved. The plants look so colourful. I've not seen the sign on the plant label before. Is it to encourage water saving? I've read somewhere that hens can be deterred from scratching up plants by putting big stones around the plant, until they are established. Never tried it as our hungry slugs would love the cover while planning their attack!

  6. Oh I liked her shoulders!
    They were interesting - like holding tension - like a secret.
    Although, they look more relaxed and chilled out now.
    You wanna see a big head?
    My Mum's head is enormous!
    My sister and I kill ourselves laughing at photos of her when she was a little kid with an enormous noggin!

    You know, grape hyacinths have run wild over at Pendlebury Hill - they pop up everywhere - even in the lawn. At least, I think they are grape hyacinths - they are a much darker purple than yours.

    I'm hanging out for a trip to spotlight. We haven't got one in Ararat - I have to head to Horsham or Ballarat - I wanna make some car seat covers for Clarrie the Morris Minor.
    Should be an interesting exercise!


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