Friday, 30 September 2011

September photo scavenger hunt

Here are my photo offerings for the September scavenger hunt. 
1. Back to school
Charlotte's first day of school.
Genevieve's first day of school.
2.  The football/soccer season
Local newspaper article about Australian rules football.  The Grand Final is tomorrow between the Geelong Cats and the Collingwood Magpies.  GO GEELONG!!!
Harry Kewell returns to Australia to play for soccer team Melbourne Victory.
 3.  What's in your bag?
It's more of a case of what's not in my bag.  Fold up carrier bag, sunglasses, water bottle, purse with compartment for mobile phone, reading glasses, mints, Australian Bush Flower Essences (Emergency Essence), hand sanitiser, pain relief tablets, tissues, small refillable tin of almonds in case I get hungry, lipstick and lip balm, diary, biro and note book with pretty peacocks on the front.  I normally have a small bottle of hand moisturiser in there too.
4.  Relaxation
Stripey and me watching t.v.
5.  Harvest
Lemon tree
6.  A pile of things
Part of my wool stash.
7.  Desk/workspace
At the dining table.
8.  A public telephone

9.  Something taller than you
Trees in State forest about one kilometre from where I live.
10.  Apples
Pink Lady apples, my favourite.
11.  A road sign
Near Grants picnic ground, Kallista.

12.  A view from above
Cinerarias in the garden.
Looking forward to seeing what everone else has posted and the list for October.  Have a great weekend everyone.
Bye for now,

Anne  xx


  1. I like seeing the glimpses of life down under :) Love the road sign - what is that creature??

    Have a good weekend - summer is saying a final goodbye here in the UK - its gonna be a hot one!

  2. Love the apples and view from above!

  3. aw you look so cosy cuddled up with Stripey ! I love the apples too !

  4. Great photos Anne, I've enjoyed your selection. Love the road sign and you and Stripey look so cosy watching tv:)

  5. What a lot of stuff you fit in your handbag. Are you secretly Mary Poppins?

  6. Is that wombat on the sign?! I have a little stuffed one which I stole from Dave, it's so cute and Dave christened it Morty (as in "Mortal Womabat", lol.

    Great photos - lovely view from above and I like 'relaxation'.

    I have just got mine sorted and posted. Phew!

  7. Great photos, Anne!
    So lovely Charlotte and Genevieve's first day of school and you and Stripey watching tv!
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Great photos Anne, love the girls school pics, they look so sweet..........

    You do look very relaxed with Stripey on the couch, been just the weather for doing that sort of thing this week.

    Great road sign.....different countries different animals.........

    Your Cinerarias are putting on a vibrant display. Lovely pics from your neck of the woods.

    Yay, Cats..........

    Enjoy the day,

    Claire :}

  9. Stripey keeping you company is my favourite! Cats just instinctively know when to just snuggle up to you don't they?

  10. Is the lemon tree in your garden? We used to have a bread lemon tree in our Italian garden. Lots of pith and not a lot of juice! I love the road sign. I'm guessing wombat. Sweet photos of your two when they were little ones. Have a lovely week.

  11. Your cinerarias are gorgeous!! How lucky that you live so close to a state forest! It must be beautiful in there! Your kitty cat is adorable! Don't you just love those first day of school pictures? You have such pretty yarns. What are you working on right now?

  12. PS.- I am so jealous of the lemon tree you have. I LOVE lemons and use them for everything. Wish the climate here would allow lemon trees to grow, but our winters are way too cold.

  13. Apologies I haven't visited in a while, fab photos - how do you fit all that in your bag!!

    Love the pic of you and Stripey, he's gorgeous and you look so cosy!!

    S x

  14. Haha!!
    That's such a Mum's handbag!!
    I can ask my sister for ANYTHING and she'll drag it out of her handbag!
    Good Mums are prepared for anything!

    Those gum trees are stunning.
    Beautiful tall and straight.
    Your photo looks like a painting.
    There is a painting like that, isn't there?
    With a little girl in a blue dress?


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