Saturday, 15 October 2011

Inspiration # 1

Since I started pinning on Pinterest, I've found lots of gorgeous images and have boards about animals, gardens, wrought iron, decorating, crochet and craft.   However one of my favourite boards, which I have titled Inspiration, is a collection of quotes, sayings and other things inspirational to me.  I thought I might do a post on one every now and then.  So here is the first quote, and one I really love.

Google images

There is something about this quote that resonates with me.  Beliefs are powerful things, I wonder if they hinder us from seeing what is actually there?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one.  Do you find this quote too cryptic?

Anne  xx


  1. What a great idea Anne, to post some of the inspirational quotes you find.
    I like this one and yes it can be very true...............but sometimes I just like to take things at face value and not dig too deep. That's usually when I get myself in such a tangle I don't know which way is up, lol.....

    As for Pinterest, I think I will steer well clear of it, as I would probably never get anything done !!

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend,

    Claire X

  2. I love this quote and am one that wonders about a lot of things, I still have a childish curiosity! I must see if I can look you up on pinterest and see more of your quotes!

  3. I love the most of the quotes on Pinterest too. I wonder how old this one is. If by 'beliefs' it refers to religion I can definitely understand it. I magine where Galileo and Newton would have been if they had only listened to the church. Church dogmas are mostly formed on very old philosophies rather than Biblical statements. I always remember an idea of one of the the Plinys that mice are made when you combine old rags, wheat and dark. Also the old ideas about miasmas causing sicknesses and not washing being a protection. These things are blamed on Christian churches yet the Bible has a whole law code that taught included proper ways to be hygienic that if followed would have had a huge impact ont eh progress of the Bubonic plague and birth mortalities. Definitely a good quote. Cherrie

  4. This brings to mind a child at the station yesterday full of questions & wonder.
    I try to keep an open mind. I despise indocterination which sadly some religions favour.

    Beautiful image.


  6. a lovely quote, I feel really in need of inspirational quotes at the moment. Thanks for the kind comment. x

  7. No. Not too cryptic at all.
    Perfectly expressed I reckon.

    I like that one you pinned about the fish climbing the tree.
    I sent it to my sister - coz her second son learns stuff a little differently from most.
    She printed it out and he took it to school to hang on their wall.


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