Friday, 14 October 2011

A gentleman came calling

Early this morning found me in the garden doing some tidying up, weeding and pruning so I could make good use of the garden rubbish removal today.  It was warm today, a pleasant 24C and after I had completed my gardening, came inside for mid-morning coffee.

As I was about to sit down to sip my latte and blog hop, I heard a series of whistles and there he was, beautifully dressed as he always is, politely asking for food.  I obliged, I cannot say no to this handsome fellow.
Sitting on the gate post amongst the Sage in flower and eating Sunflower seeds and Pepitas.

Just a hop away to another pile of seeds on the other post.

Is he not beautiful?

The Chinese Lantern is in full bloom behind the post.  The Wattle birds love feeding from the blossom and as hard as I've tried to take of photo of them, they fly away as soon as I open the back door.

Isn't this a cheeky look?!

I thought you might like to see the  Babiana stricta bulb which is flowering beautifully.

They are the most glorious purple don't you think?  I love those dark purple stamens.

It was quite a bright and beautiful morning I had, and made the house cleaning in the afternoon so much more bearable with thoughts of appreciation for the beautiful place I live and the lovely things I see.

The evening is ending in rather a lovely way too.  I made chicken korma for dinner tonight, hubby loves curry so he was rather pleased.  He had leftover lasagna for lunch at work today, so he has been particularly well fed today.  We finished our dinner with freshly made pancakes, strawberries, ice cream, chocolate topping for the girls and mango and passion fruit topping for hubby and me.  We have the New World 9th Symphony by Dvorak playing in the background, a broadcast simulcast on the ABC from the Sydney Opera House.  It's one of Genevieve's favourite pieces of classical music and hubby is sitting back in his chair, eyes closed enjoying the music too.  Quite a wonderful way to end the week.

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend,

Anne  xx


  1. What a beautiful bird, Anne!
    Stunning color!

    Sounds you had a wonderful evening!

    Wishing you and everyone a fantastic weekend too!

  2. He certainly is a fantastic bird and what a wonderful way to spend a Friday night.

  3. He is beautiful. A few years back i visited my parents in Perth, about this time of year & was blown away, every morning on the street there used to be so many beautifully colored birds just picking at whatever they could eat, an amazing sight to see :D
    Have a lovely weekend Anne
    Lots of love Karen x

  4. Looks and sounds wonderful.
    Love from Mum

  5. Oooo, he's just lovely!
    I was marvelling at the colours of our garden's frequently visiting Robin this morning, but I think your parrot has just outdone him!!

  6. What a smart looking bird and very exotic. He adds even more colour to your garden. Have a good weekend.

  7. Wow, he's a beauty!

    Sounds like a lovely evening.

  8. Lovely photos and yes, he is handsome.
    Sounds like a nice time at your place. cheers Wendy

  9. What an amazing bird! How great to have such a visitor!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. What a gorgeous bird to have sitting right out your door! I would surely put a big comfy chair nearby so I could catch a glimpse of him throughout the day. :)

  11. What lovely photos, I was excited to see a robin nesting in my garden today, not quite as exotic. Gosh I wish we'd had such a lovely meal! x

  12. A beautiful, beautiful parrot, wish he were in my garden!

  13. He's such a beautiful boy.
    I love the noise the wattle birds make - they sound like chooks.


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