Monday, 31 October 2011

October photo scavenger hunt

This months photo scavenger hunt has been very challenging for me and I've taken artistic licence with many of my photos.  I hope this can be seen as interesting rather than stretching the rules of the hunt.

1. Crunchy leaves
No crunchy leaves here in spring.  Framed crunchy leaf, art activity with the girls from years ago.
2.  Golden
Golden  leaves and flowers from a palm tree in a neighbour's backyard.

3.  Lit candle

4.  Pumpkin

5. Something eerie
Miss G. hamming it up.
6.  A black cat
Gatsby, the neighbour's cat.   He has white socks and bib, sorry, it's the best I could do.

7.  A river
No rivers close to where I live, but here is a local creek.
8.   Heritage
My heritage.  The house my Grandfather built on my parents farm in Western Australia.
9.  Graffiti/street art
A mural rather than street art.  Puffing Billy steam train painted on the stone wall of a nearby town.
10.  Fog/mist
Photo taken at the top of a nearby street where I live.
11.  Sunset
On my parents farm, Western Australia.
12.  A witch's hat/broomstick

My outdoor sweeping broom.

Thank you to Cathy for organising this fun photo scavenge.

Anne  xx


  1. Love seeing your pics - because your seasons are so opposite ours its great seeing what you come up with. Love the eerie pic and as for the sunset one - just stunning :)

    Looking at Novembers list - I think thats one that was written for me :)

  2. What a gorgeous sunset, and I love your heritage.

  3. I've enjoyed your photos, Anne. Love the sunset and your grandfather's house for heritage also the street mural. Gatsby looks very cute:)

  4. Lovely photos Anne. I like them all, but I have a weakness for old houses like your grandfather's, they hold so much history and have many stories to tell :)

  5. I'd say that you rose to the challenge. Love seeing these snapshots from your side of the world. Judging my Gatsby's face, did he have a modelling fee? He's looking intent at something!

  6. excellent hunt and some gorgeous photos! The torch photo made me laugh ^_^ and i love kitties! A great challenge, well done!

  7. Great 'heritage' photo! Gatsby looka like a very old cat - look how long those whiskers and eyebrows are!!

    Well done for getting them all, I have enjoyed seeing them!

  8. Well done - a tricky list for the Southern Hemisphere, I thought. I love the house your grandfather built.

  9. Love the juxtaposition of photos 10 and 11.
    Grey and misty and wet and orange and clear and light.

  10. Great photos Anne ... I love the way yours show that your seasons are different from ours.

  11. Loving your photos this month Anne. I'm really like the street photo - oh and the street art, no way is that grafetti! Gatsby looks cute.

  12. Anne, thanks for your nice comments today. Your photos are always well done, even if you do take artistic license. Isn't that what an artist does?

    Renee ;)

  13. What a great list for October. Perhaps I'll try to join November's. Love the lit candle & your Grandfather's house - how lovely & nostalgic. Beautiful sunset too .


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