Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Comment moderation

Hi everyone.  Just a quick post to let you know I have enabled comment moderation on this blog.   I have had one or two anonymous people commenting on totally unrelated things which make absolutely no sense and I have since deleted their comments.

I may have inadvertently offended someone recently when I commented on another blog on the subject of decluttering.  If you are reading this anonymous, no offence was intended.  In the meantime comment moderation has been enabled so my lovely followers and readers are not being bothered by nonsense unrelated to the content of my posts.  Thanks for your understanding.

Anne  xx


  1. How sad that such things happen but you have handled this in a beauriful, gentle way. It's nice to read this type of post without any anger coming across from the writer. Cherrie

  2. Sad when that sort of thing happens. Have had the Boycott American Women person too?? Fortunately he now goes straight to my spam box..

  3. So sorry to read this. I can't imagine you offending anyone. I did once about saying we'd had a bonfire ( the only one for years ) someone wrote " Hey, well as long as you're having fun at the world's expence " ! I wrote a post about all the good things we do do !

    VV I had that post too !!! and as for the Chinese sex blogs - well ..... !!!

  4. I had the boycott american women comment too but it didn't adtually appear on my blog. I got an email to say I had received the comment and when I went to delete it it's not on any of my posts, I wonder if blogger automatically delete junk for you?

  5. Hi have just read this post and have just had to do the same thing myself, I have just had a rather strange rambling comment left on one of my posts , a bit unsettling which maybe is what was intended, not pleasant after all the nice comments I have been having. xx


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