Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Portrait update and a little sewing project

Hi every one, how are you?  .  
During school holidays, I have a break from painting classes so I decided to do a little painting at home.  My poor lady has undergone about four facial reconstructions and the photo below is from my work at home.

This next photo is from art class yesterday and I worked a little more on the face and arms.  I'm finding it extremely difficult to get the skin tone right and there is much tweaking and painting to do yet.
I'm not sure if I like the changes I've made to her eyes as in the first photo she looks much softer.  I'll be so glad when the poor woman has more hair but before I do that, I need to paint the areas around her head some more.

I decided to make a travel jewellery roll this week.  I found some nice fabric and decided to use a pattern and tutorial  found on the internet.  Unfortunately, I was unable to follow the instructions, (I even asked hubby) so had to wing it.  It's not perfect, I will change a few things with the next one I make, but considering the mess I was in, it didn't turn out too bad.
The mess!!
I spy some sneaky threads that need snipping.
The next project is a travel sewing kit and I might have some Christmas star bunting to show too.

Have a lovely day,

Anne  xx


  1. Wow, your painting is really coming along Anne.....see what you mean about the eyes, but I'm sure your will be able to sort it out. I wonder what she is watching or thinking about as she sits there?

    Great jewellery roll, it turned out really well despite the hiccups. Will it be big enough? You might find a few pieces of jewellery that you just can't live without while you're away. Hope you factored that in to the size, hehehe.......

    Claire :}

  2. Your painting is coming on well - I am told that faces are the hardest part to do.

    The jewellery roll is pretty too - such a good idea :)

  3. Anne the portrait is stunning, i am in awe of your painting skills. Also love the jewellery roll, beautiful piece of fabric :D, look forward to seeing the next projects
    Lots of love Karen x

  4. The potrait is coming along beautifully.

  5. I prefer your lady in the second photo but I don't know why! It could be her paler lips or that she's got more hair - or her eyes!?

    I love the fabric you've used for your jewellery roll.

  6. Your painting is wonderful - I couldn't begin to criticize as I couldn't begin to paint like that! The jewellery roll looks great in spite of the difficulties - nothing like the camera for highlighting those threads you have missed!

    Pomona x

  7. Hi Anne,

    Thank you for your lovely comment - It made my day!

    I am in complete awe of your painting.It really is amazing. I don't know whether it is just because my laptop is in dire need of a dust but I prefer the second, it's more defined and striking.

    The jewellery roll is lovely too, my daughter received a mini sewing machine for her birthday yesterday and I am dying to have a go! xx

  8. I like your lady Anne, I like the first face you did better. Are you making it up or referencing it? Do you paint with Oil or Acyrlic?

    I just can't get on with acrylics for blending skintones! x

  9. Your paintings are great - I admire anyone who has such talent! Love the sewing too - funny how those little threads always show up in photos when you think you've got them all!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. The painting looks like it is coming along ok! I do envy all of the bloggers who can so easily make up such lovely items, perfect for their own needs, rather than havign to spend money on something not as good in the shops! I can't even sew a button on properly, haha!

  11. The painting is doing well. I like the eyes in the second photo as I think they have more sparkle. Aren't you clever with your sewing. I'm afraid I shy away from zips.
    Love from Mum

  12. the painting is fabulous! Ive been selling lots of fabric to australia! I don't know why, you crazy cats love your vintage fabrics. I love the roll ^_^

  13. Your painting is lovely. The lady's expression has changed - how interesting to see both !
    Great idea for the roll, I may get one for Jess when she goes away.

    RE your comment...Kiss & Abba ?!!! How funny. I was ill a lot at that time too - re-curring toncilitice but I read a lot - all the James Herriot vet books over & over again when I felt well enough. I once had such a high temperature that I imagined all my little ornaments jumping up & down...my mum called the Doc quick & got me cooling down !

  14. I'm no painter, but I'm enjoying seeing your portrait evolve. Something about the artistic journey that always facinates me.

    Love the jewellery roll. Glad you could work around the pattern.

  15. I'm reading your posts backward.
    You've been so busy.
    And lots of posts!
    I don't like the look of those instructions either. They have to be super simple for me to follow.


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