Thursday, 13 October 2011

Travel sewing kit

Hello there, how are you?  I've been beavering away on my trusty Bernina and made myself a little travel sewing kit based on a tutorial found here.
The tutorial is quite long and involved steps I didn't want to take, so I looked at the photos and figured it out and did it my way.

 On the far left and right sides, I have made divided pockets with Velcro fastening to store thread and buttons.  The little felt square book (don't know what else to call it), holds pins, needles and safety pins.  I just couldn't resist using one of those little framed key pictures for decoration.  It's all thready around the edge too, just how I wanted it.  Can you see the nifty little felt triangle to hold the scissors?  I made a little tab fastened with a press stud to keep them safely tucked inside.

  I made my own thread holders using offcuts of cardboard, cutting little triangles into the side to wind the thread around.  The buttons are in a plastic bag, otherwise you know what would happen don't you?  Buttons everywhere in my suitcase.

I see more threads that need snipping.  :)

 The kit consists of three layers of fabric with one piece of fabric having iron-on interfacing adhered to it to provide some padding.   Wadding perhaps would have been better but I didn't have any so I had to improvise.
 So there you have it, a travel sewing kit just ready to pop in my suitcase for when I go travelling.  I've got a few more suitcase storage ideas to make yet.  Watch this space.

Anne  xx


  1. Love it Anne, very inventive & that fabric is great. Lots of sewing from now on eh!!!!!
    Karen Xxxxx
    ps moved back to blogspot :D

  2. It is lovely - and what a great idea!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. It's lovely - a very handy little thing. The technical term is 'housewife' pronounced 'hussif' - not so much in use now, but that is what little sewing cases like this were traditionally called.

    Pomona x

  4. oh man!
    You are SO organized!
    I'm one of those people who throw things into a suitcase 1/2 an hour before I leave for the airport!
    That's an interesting little fact from Pomona too, isn't it?


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