Saturday, 26 November 2011

A busy week

Hello everyone.  This past week has been busy with not much time for posting or creating.  Last Saturday we drove to Bendigo for my brother-in-law's 60th birthday.  Once we were out of the city we could enjoy views like this.

I made use of time sitting in the car by crocheting a few rows on my giant granny square throw.

Unfortunately Charlotte had to work so was unable to come with us.  Genevieve was able to come though and looks surprisingly cheerful in this photo despite the fact she was studying for a French exam.  (Exams all finished now!)

We had family from Adelaide staying with us for a few days after the party which was lovely.  Before they arrived I was able to go to painting class and start a new portrait.  I've blocked it in which basically means getting rid of the white canvas and painting the basic layout.
This is what I'm painting.  It's the same lady from my first portrait, different angle, different garments and different setting.  I will be using artistic license to edit a few things from the picture which will be fun.

Poor Charlotte had her car break down this week  which is a bit rough when you've only had your license for a week and a half.  From all accounts it looked a bit like this.

Google images
We managed to get the car home from the shopping centre, hubby has identified the problem and in the process of fixing it.  Just waiting for spare parts.

One of our chooks has been working extra hard this week.
Normal size egg
Extra, extra large egg.

The next two eggs laid were broken, so I can only imagine much energy and calcium went into laying that extra large egg.

Flowering in the garden now are roses,

Pandorea, an Australian native climber,


one Sweet Pea seedling that survived winter,

and some carrots in the vege patch that will hopefully one day look like those on the tag.

Unfortunately there are no photos of the lettuce, the chooks decimated them!

This evening we are off to Genevieve's school Valedictory dinner which is a bit of a formal affair.  It's pouring rain here today so I hope all the girls manage to get under cover before their gorgeous dresses get ruined.

Wishing you all a fab weekend,

Anne  xx


  1. Your daughter is so pretty. It is great that the exams are over. My DD2's are as well. Wonderful to have that stress off. Was it the lettuce that set the chook to such heights? Will be fun watching the next painting emerge. This time you are already armed with the knowledge of how to make it all your own. Cherrie

  2. Wow, that some egg! I bet she knew she'd laid that.

    The flowers in your garden are lovely - and it's so sunny! We've not seen much sun in these parts lately.

  3. Hi Anne - you certainly have been busy! Hope the formal dinner went well despite the rain.
    Great photos - lovely flowers and ouch that egg! We have had a few like that and have never thought to weigh them. Over the years I don't think any of our chooks has ever laid a 'double yolker'. Have yours? cheers Wendy

  4. This is a wonderful post!
    Full of life's rich little details.
    Your blanket is looking fantastic!
    I love the colours you've chosen.

  5. What a lovely post. Exciting to be starting a new portrait. I love the image you are using. Hope the school event went well & not a wash out.
    It's pouring here now but was very windy earlier & I had the dog bedding blowing on the line to get rid of some of the hairs before it goes in the washing machine !

  6. Thank you for the glimpses of spring...such a contrast to our barren landscape here right now. It reminds me that it will all come back around :-)

  7. i love the blanket! And the size of that egg!! Holy moses! Im always so impressed by your paintings Anne.

  8. Such a gorgeous post! Great photos and I love your granny crochet so much! The colors are so happy and cheering! Your daughter's smile is so wonderful! Great the exams are done!
    Best wishes, LS xo

  9. What an egg. At the momment I'd be happy with the smaller one. Old hens and not enough daylight = no eggs! Your blanket looks so cheerful and colourful, echoing your garden. We have blue sky today, but, oh, its getting colder. Brr!

  10. Genevieve is so gorgeous, Anne!

    Beautiful flowers!


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