Friday, 18 November 2011

Making bags and interesting animal companions

Hello.  The weather is rather warm today, assisted admirably by my internal furnace.  Does anyone else have an furnace working overtime?    I'll move on to other more pleasant things like making bags to organise my suitcase for next years holiday. I started my bag making frenzy in this post
where I made a bag with a zipper to put my smalls in.  Since then I made a laundry bag, some shoe bags, a bag for delicate clothing, (i.e. where the fabric pulls on anything) and a bag for my socks. 
Laundry bag
It's a simple drawstring bag and I applied HeatnBond iron-on vinyl to waterproof the fabric.  Letty  suggested I use oilcloth but I couldn't find any in a fabric I liked.  The fabric was easy to sew with the vinyl ironed on.

This shoebag was also made with HeatnBond applied to the fabric. 

There's enough room in this shoe bag for my thongs (flip flops) and jiffy slippers.
Bag for delicates.

 I had intended using studs for the closure on this bag but when I tried to punch them with the special tool they didn't turn out.  Grrrr.  I've used velcro instead.

The blue and mauve bag on top is for my socks.
I've yet to make some more bags.  One for scarves and belts and one for my hairdryer, brush, comb and hair clips.  I just don't want to have all these things rolling around in my suitcase.

While I was out having acupuncture yesterday, Genevieve took these photos of Sophie our labrador and the chooks sunning themselves together.

Interesting animal companions!

Well I'm off to do some housework type things like cleaning windows and folding up clothes.  Have a great weekend.  We are off to help celebrate my brother-in-law's 60th birthday tomorrow.

Anne  xx


  1. Anne, what a great idea those bags are...pretty too!

    Got to love animals, who says they cant be friends :)

  2. Hey Anne, your little collection of bags is are getting well and truly organised. I don't think I've come across the HeatnBond iron on vinyl, but a great idea, just the same.

    Sophie and the girls look quite happy and relaxed in the sun. It's warm up here today but I'm not finding it too unpleasant. I think we might be in for thunderstorms later, I'm keeping an eye on the clouds, they do look rather interesting.

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire X

  3. I love the fabric in the first four photos! Its nice to be organised when travelling. Love the dog/chuck snoozing too! Have a good weekend

  4. Those bags are lovely :) Like the hippy fabric lots - very groovey ;)

    My internal furnace seems to prefer nightimes - only occasionally but it does seem to be making the occasional test run - oh joy!

  5. Great bags & delightful companions. Have a lovely time at the birthday x0x

  6. The laundry bag fabric is fab!Love it!

    I've just noticed I missed the post where you showed your finished painting - It's wonderful Anne. I could only dream of painting that well - you should be very proud of yourself! I have to ask - who is the lady? x

  7. Your bags are looking good. I'm intrigued by the iron on vinyl. I've read about it before. Your fabric looks great with it.

    The photos of the pets are so sweet. Is it the sunniest spot or do they enjoy each others company?

  8. Your bags are fabulous. Loving the idea of iron on vinyl. Don't take too many shoes with you Anne. Buy some! x

  9. Oh I've seen that heat n bond stuff but I've never used it. It's a good idea, isn't it?
    I DO like that flower pink, orange and grey fabric - it's lovely.
    Love the chooks and the dog sharing their space.

  10. So beautiful and creative bags, Anne.
    Love seeing Sophie and chooks taking a nap together. Great photo of Genevieve!

    Have a pleasant weekend.

  11. Love the fabrics you are using really nice. x

  12. your suitcase is going to be so organised & pretty. I stuff everything in ! love all your tidy bags.

    Gorgeous photos of happy chooks & dog.

    ( I have 17 sleeps to go ! )

  13. Anne, I love the bags! I have bag making on the mind.....:-)

  14. You have been busy! The fabric you've used for your delicates is gorgeous.


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