Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Portrait completion and my family of animals

Hello everyone, how are you?  I finished my portrait yesterday in art class.  Here she is.

I am not sure whether to show you the picture it was taken from as the faces really do not look alike at all.  But I suppose for a first attempt it will pass.  I'll be brave and show you anyway.

I can't begin to tell you how much trouble I had with her face and those eyes, well you know the story about them.  There are things I would like to have done differently but will put it down to experience and hope that my next portrait will be a little easier and the likeness better.

A couple of days ago Stripey decided to revisit that land kittendom and took great delight in playing with a toy mouse in the bath.
Action shot
I love this photo
Since I've been letting the chooks free range, they like to spend a considerable amount of time on the back deck.  They love bread crusts and sometimes I'll go out and sit down to feed them.  The only thing is the dog loves bread crusts too.  I'm trying to feed three animals evenly, no easy feat when two chooks are trying to fly up to peck bread out of your hand and the dog is slobbering all over you.

Such an attentive dog, only when there is food involved though.  :)

On the subject of bread, I took delivery of a new breadmaker today.  Our current one is making very strange noises and it's only a matter of time before it dies.  We make bread in it everyday so it is well worth the cost.  I must say it has rather spoilt us having homemade bread as I really dislike most bought bread.  What is called wholemeal bread looks like coloured white flour with a few husk thrown in.  It would never fill my hubby.  Well I'll be off to read the manual so I can learn how to operate it.

Bye for now,

Anne  xx


  1. Wow, what a gift you have! That painting is terrific. I think the likeness is pretty good too.
    pretty cat

  2. Hi Anne - your painting is AMAZING! It's weird isn't it how it's the teeniest tiniest thing in the eyes. Your lady is looking away while in the picture she's looking at the camera - yet when you look at their eyes you can't see ANY difference! You are V talented.

    Love the pictures of your hens - and they have feathers! 2 of ours have shed and look like turkeys!

    Lovely post
    fee x

  3. Oh Anne, aren't we are always our own worst critics?
    Don't be so hard on yourself, your portrait is wonderful and I think you have done justice to the picture. I love the way you painted her dress, I know how hard it can be painting fabric.
    I would be over the moon if I could paint that well, you really are very talented.

    Love the pics of Stripey, what an innocent looking face, hehe......

    No wonder your dog is trying to get in on the act........your home made bread sounds delish. Here's to a long and happy relationship with your new breadmaker.

    Claire X

  4. The finished portrait looks great; is the lady someone you know?

    I love the photos of Stripey in the bath.

  5. Well done for finishing the portrait! It really is very good. I love the piccies of Stripey in the bath tub too, he looks so adorable. You have a wonderful family of pets. I envy you having chickens - perhaps one day I may get some too. Best wishes, Anne, take care. Sue x

  6. Hi Anne, great job with the portrait, I think you have done a fantastic painting, the gauzy fabric is spot on, I hope you feel proud of yourself! Thanks for the birthday wishes you left on my post, and I think our raspberries must be an early variety, but I am not sure, I got the canes from our Community garden a couple of years ago, and they have really flourished this year. Loving your chookies, aren't they the funniest little creatures!! I love ours! Have a great day, Julie:) PS Sorry for the long comment!

  7. I think your lady is beter than the original. I love her pensive loo and would love to have hair like hers. Cherrie

  8. Wow, that portrait is fab!! I like your lady better than the original too.

    We have the same problem here when we distribute titbits, with two dogs and two cats it has to be shared equally!!

    Bless, Stripey I love it when they have a mad five minutes!!

    S x

  9. I had to do a double take at first as I thought you'd loaded the same picture twice. What a talented person you are. I love the innocent eyes in the third cat photo. Who me?
    Love from Mum

  10. I think your painting is very well done. Much better than I could have ever done myself. Kudos to you for even attempting it and giving it a go. Great job!

  11. I am another one who thinks you are being way too hard on yourself. It's a wonderful painting. Stripey looks such fun! The photos made me laugh. I also LOVED your virtual tea party post - everything was delicious, the cakes, the tablecloth and best of all - that fantastic crockery!

  12. Well I still think your painting is amazing! I love the idea of the competition between the animals - just like here!

    Pomona x

  13. Congrats on finishing your painting. You are very talented. I wouldn't know where to start. Love the photos of Stripey. Caught in the act. Pets can be so funny at times.

    Have fun with your new kitchen toy. I can smell the bread already.

  14. Ann I think your picture is fabulous, I love the way you have captured the sheer floaty fabric on the dress and I think the face is super, you are too critical of yourself. You should be very proud. Lorraine x

  15. I like paintings that have a bit of personality.
    If it was a exact copy of the picture it would be boring - you've injected yourself into it and made it uniquely your own.

  16. What a gorgeous painting, Anne! I am enchanted.
    Well done!
    So nice seeing you with Sophie and the chooks and the picture of the Stripey too.

  17. Such a superb job with this painting Anne! It's even more fantastic considering its your first. I find faces so difficult to get exactly how I want them - on more than one occasion I have thrown away my original reference piece so that I don't have the opportunity to compare them anymore and just enjoy the new painting by itself!

  18. Hey cob, You're getting to be quite a hartist.Well done
    Cats can be real funny punks at times eh.


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