Monday, 23 January 2012

A change of plans

Hi everyone, how are you?  Today I had planned to go to the nearest large shopping mall to make some purchases for travelling overseas.  Unfortunately circumstances prevented me from doing that, so what to do with the day?

When the weather is hot and dry (34C) it seems to be the perfect day for washing and when it was hung on the line, I decided to sit in the garden room for morning coffee and a little hooky time.
View from garden room.
I love this time of year as the backyard is an extra living space.  The windows and doors are open to let the fresh air in and since hubby installed a front wire screen door, we have a beautiful cross breeze through the house.

While sitting on my chair enjoying the garden, I realised that I have so much to do to bring it up to scratch.   It needs digging over, composting, mulched, weeding, tidying and more plants added as some of the perennials are looking rather sad.

Content with the fact that it was too hot to garden today, I got on with my experimental crochet inspired by Lucy over at the gorgeous blog Attic 24.  I really shouldn't experiment because my crochet knowledge is not that good.  This is what I ended up with.

It's wonky, smaller at the bottom than at the top although I swear I didn't add anymore stitches and I measured my starting chain around the tin I wanted to cover.  I thought it would be fun to add some beads and rather than waiting for Lucy's tutorial on how to attach beads to crochet, I thought I'd be clever and try it myself.  Although the result is rubbish, I had fun.

All is not lost though because I had success with Lucy's idea and here is the proof.

O.k., I did deviate with a scalloped edge thingy but I think it will pass.  I decided to line my tin with some fabric as I wanted to use my new container for storing my hair clips in my bathroom drawer.  No sewing involved here.  I just had a small square of fabric which I pushed into shape in the tin, popped the crochet cover over the top, pulling it down the sides of the tin and trimmed the excess fabric at the bottom making sure I didn't cut the crochet.  Easy.....LAZY!!  :)

Not only do I now have a nice clean and relatively tidy bathroom cabinet drawer (you should have seen it before), I have cute little container for my clips.  So much nicer than the plastic thing I was thinking of putting in there.

Well it's time to get the washing off the line, herd the one remaining chook out of my garden and think about what we are having for dinner tonight.  I hope you are all having a lovely day.

Anne  xx


  1. Hi Anne, love your tin cover...the lining is a brilliant idea !!Very pretty :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. That is so pretty, lovely colours.

    Did you pour the coffee at the table or did you manage to carry that full cup out from the kitchen without spilling it? I'm very impressed if you did, because I would have slopped it all in the saucer!

  3. Hey Anne, what a lovley way to spend a warm day......

    Your tin looks great and I ♥ the fabric.

    I have the same problem as you with my crochet, narrower at the top and spreading out towards the bottom ( ooh, that sounds a bit like me, hehe!!) Don't know what I do wrong, but it drives me nuts.

    I'm having some hooky time, making bunting and loving it.
    How long till you go away? You must be getting excited .......

    Enjoy your week,

    Claire :}

  4. It's so cute and pretty, what a lovely idea! When I crochet, I really have to watch my gauge because it's all over the place...looser, tigher, blah! But fun anyway! Have a great week!

  5. Lovely tin. Maybe you need to do your first row of chains with a hook that is one or two times bigger than the one you will crochet the rest with. Like casting on with bigger needles. Cherrie. I do rather like the finished effect though. Maybe you could use it for a little boho bag. Cherrie

  6. What a lovely cover. I think Lucy has inspired many people to have a go at these pretty tins.
    Love from Mum

  7. A perfect morning in the garden after chores are done. Love all those bright colors you are using in your little creations. So bright and cheery!

  8. I feel like I am sitting in the garden with you. x

  9. Clever you.
    My last attempt would look like my first attempt!!
    Did you see my "love" sign at Poof?
    That is about the extent of my talents.
    Pipe cleaners and wool winding!!

    Here's a gardening tip I swear by:
    Put a couple of really attention grabbing flowering bushes or trees in the garden - the eye is immediately drawn to them and doesn't even notice all the other weedy, scraggly bits going on around them.

    I forgot you are off o/s this year!
    How exciting as it gets closer.
    Did you say you were going in June or did I imagine that?

  10. It's lovely, and your lining solution was not lazy but inventive :D


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