Friday, 20 January 2012

Photos from the Australian Open

Hello everyone.  I had a wonderful day at the Australian Open with the weather being perfect.  It was overcast and with a temperature of about 24C instead of being the usual 30 - 35C with the sun out and boiling hot.  We were sitting in row E, so five rows from the action and behind the Umpires chair with an incredible view.  I managed to get a few good action photos and a few others for pure entertainment!!
Still having problems with ill fitting undies.  Would someone please, please design some undies for Rafa that fit properly.
He's buff!
For Mum!  :)
Rafa's opponent Lukas Lacko was very good too.

The Fed played brilliantly.
Sorry for the photo overload, but I had a REALLY good day and wanted to share.  Have a fab weekend everyone.

Anne  xx


  1. Hey Anne, I can tell you enjoyed the day, glad the temp was cooler too.

    Great photos, had to giggle at the ill fitting undies shot...

    I've only been to the tennis once, it was an invite to a corporate box, sheer luxury hehe........ it was great. We saw Marcos Baghdatis play but he didn't smash any rackets that day!!
    Have a great weekend,

    Claire X

  2. Great photos. Have a great weekend too. x

  3. Glad you had a good day!

    I love watching tennis, it gets addictive but I only ever watch Wimbledon as I don't follow it really. I've never seen so much blue at a tennis match, it's a bit weird!

  4. haha!
    Love the half-nudie shots!
    The undie bum picking is never a good look though, is it?
    So glad you had a good day.
    How are things over in WA?

  5. I'm not into tennis at all, but it's always nice to see some buff blokes!

  6. Wonderful photos. So colourful - the blue ground & coloured shirts here I'm used to the green grass of Wimbledon & white shirts & shorts ! I love Rafa !


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