Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Last night I was itching to get creative but as it was so hot I didn't feel like pulling out the crochet.  So instead I delved into my jewellery making supplies and made this necklace.

I bought the components, the pendant part and leather ribbon from a craft supply store and just put them together.  Easy really and the total cost was about $5.00.  I found a little brown cardi the other day which looks rather well with my new necklace I think.

The pendant has little bells on the bottom so I can't sneak around when I'm wearing it, my family hear me coming.  :)

I forgot to show you this beautiful vase my Mum passed onto me when I was home in December.

It's Brentleigh Ware - Norfolk and beautifully made.  I'm looking forward to putting some grapevine leaves in this vase in the autumn.  I think the autumnal colours will look gorgeous together.

So tell me, what do you do creatively when the weather is hot?  I'd love to know.

Anne  xx


  1. In answer to your question Anne, I was going to say 'take my clothes off and try and stay cool, seeing as though the aircon. is on the blink' but thought 'praps that might be a little weird, hehe.....

    So, today I am finishing off an order for someone in the Netherlands, where it would no doubt be lovely and cold........oh I wish.
    I'm also making my bunting, quick, easy and no chance of overheating the brain, thinking about what I am doing hehe.....

    And I must say I think it's awfully unfair that you are going to be 10 -12 deg. cooler tomorrow than we are!!

    By the way I loooove your necklace and brown cardi, are you going to take them o's with you. It would look very smart... and your vase is beautiful, I love Poppies. Grapevine leaves in Autumn, oh the colours will be stunning.

    Happy Australia Day to you all.........we soooo live in the lucky country,

    Claire X

  2. Love the necklace - soooo pretty!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. What a beautiful necklace & looks pretty on the blouse & yes goes well with your new cardi.
    I hate being too hot so spend my time trying to keep cool !

  4. Not that we have it as hot in the UK, but I can never face knitting in the heat. I connect wool with being cold and it doesn't seem right. I think your necklace making is a perfect alternative. Beautiful!

  5. It'a lovely and goes perfectly with the cardigan!

  6. The necklace is lovely. Perhaps you could make one for all the family so no one sneaks up on you!

  7. I'm a bit like you , itching to do something ... but it's soo muggy here I can't get any enthusiasm going. Your little pendant looks lovely especially with the cardi.

  8. Beautiful colours in the necklace Anne, it looks lovely.

    Wish this heat would go away for a day or so, so I can recuperate. The humidity has been awful here lately !

    I have just been plugging away at my granny blanket, I am on the last row of the edging now...

    That vase is just gorgeous!



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