Saturday, 28 January 2012

Flaked out

What would you expect a cat to do in hot weather, find the coolest spot in the house?!   If I were a cat I would probably choose to sit on a window sill or in a doorway where the breeze is likely to come in.  Perhaps lie down on a tiled or wooden floor, surfaces that are cooler than a chair, mat or bed.  Well this is how Stripey chose to cool off last night. 
On the ironing board!  Absolutely no breeze was happening in the laundry so I have no idea why he thought it was such a great place to flake out in the heat.  And no, the iron wasn't on.

In other news, I've been fiddling around with bits and pieces of crochet.

Things are being blocked and ends woven in.  Claire from Sweet Birdy Love
can probably guess what I'm up to as she pointed me in the direction of the lovely blog Pink Milk and am I having fun!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend,

Anne  xx


  1. Hi Anne - thanks for your help with the comments. This time it seems to be working for me, and yes I did understand your instructions! This new blogger set up is a wee bit more complex it seems. Love your crochet. Must get around to learning. cheers Wendy

  2. Loving those colours. They'll make a pretty b_nn_r! Cherrie

  3. Love your little crochet bits and pieces - great colours.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Cats are quite possibly the maddest creatures on the planet. Ours likes to 'hide' under the rug in the living room!
    Love those little hearts- am now off to follow the links to make myself some..!

  5. Actually Stripey does look cool there on your ironing board ! Cats find the daftest places to take a nap.
    Lovely colours for your crochet & glad you are having fun x

  6. Hehe.....yes, I guessed straight away, yippee.......more bunting goodness!!

    Lovely colours Anne and blocking makes all the difference to those turned up corners. I'm yet to darn in my ends. Have just picked up a ball of yellow yarn from Spotters to add to the array of colours.
    Cute little hearts too.......

    Isn't Stripey funny, what an odd place to lie.....he does look sooo cute though.

    A front has just come through and the temp has dropped considerably, I can almost smell the rain in the air.....

    Hope your weekend is going well and not too hot,

    Claire X

  7. cats are such funny animals on hot days aren't they, ours will lay in full sun on the hottest of days :)
    those little hearts are too sweet Anne, love the colours!

  8. Maybe Stripey thought this was a good spot to attract your attention. I mean, you have to pet me before you can do the ironing, right?

    Those are cute little crochet hearts. I am trying new things with my crochet too. Have nearly finished my first granny square blanket. I ended up making it smaller than I had planned because I have so many other ideas in my head I want to try :)

    I will go check out Pink Milk now my curiosity has been sparked...

    Have a great weekend Anne,



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