Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bunting Ta Dah!

Good morning, how are you today?  All is well here, the sun is shining, the garden is looking happy after rain and I've finished my bunting and it's hanging in it's new home.

Remember these little hearts, I made them to sew onto the bunting.

I'm very happy how the bunting turned out and elated to have finished a project so quickly.  The bunting pattern can be found at Heather's love blog Pink Milk.

Unfortunately my photos don't show the colours of the yarn I used very well, but it's vibrant and I love it.

Thanks for stopping by and having a peek.

Anne  xx


  1. Love the way the are graduated Anne ........the hearts look very sweet, great way to use them.

    I am just trying to find the right place to hang mine it's all done, yay....

    Aircon is back in working order, yippee, not that we need it today though.....

    Claire X

  2. Very creative Anne, your bunting looks lovely hanging in the window.

  3. Gorgeous bunting, Anne.
    You are so clever:)
    Sue xxx

  4. I love the colours.
    Love from Mum

  5. Those little hearts just finish it off nicely.

  6. It looks fabulous Anne! I love your shades of green and where you've hung it - you've brought the outside in!!


  7. It's amazing how something so small can make a big difference to a space.

  8. oh that bunting is truly adorable, I love the colours and the little hearts xxx

  9. Thanks for your comment... the migraine has almost gone now but I can't wait for all these purple splodges to heal, school will be fun this week!

    I know you wouldn't know from any pictures of me, but I always worry that up close it's obvious there's something wrong! At least when we meet up in June if you do notice that my nose looks a bit funny or my make up isn't perfect, you'll know why!

  10. The colours work really well together, and the little hearts are so pretty!

    Pomona x


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