Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January - Photo Scavenger Hunt

Another year and more wonderful opportunities for photo scavenging.  Thank you Kathy
for hosting this fun activity.

Stripey's fur
Rainbow lorikeets in the backyard
Yellow daisy
In season
The Australian Open Tennis takes place in Melbourne, January every year.
In my bathroom
My owl nightlight in the ensuite.  Isn't he cute?!
Linen cupboard before a spring clean.

A book that will be put to very good use in a few months.
Bungee keeping Genevieve company or is that Genevieve keeping Bungee company?!
My apologies for using a photo I've used before.
Genevieve in dress-up mode
 In the distance
Looking west towards my parents farmhouse, Western Australia.
Entrance to the church in Kalorama

I'm looking forward to seeing February's list.

Anne  xx


  1. How cute is that night light Anne?......and Stripey and Bungee too of course.

    Can't believe , well yes I can believe, how dry the pic is of your parents property. When the drought broke you tend to forget how dry things got......so glad it's over.

    Love that little church building at Kalorama, it's years since I've been up that way. Must be time for another visit...

    Now that Paris, city guide.....some wonderful reading in that. Are you making lists yet?

    Claire x

  2. I do love it when your pics are very aussie - such gorgeous birds to have visit your back garden :)

    Seeing that guide must mean you're heading north sometime soon?

  3. Great photos, I love the lorikeets and the owl!

  4. Genevieve's costume is interesting!! I love the parrots. If I could have found any I wanted parrots for my company photos as in 'a company of parrots, but I live in the wrong country for that, hehe!

  5. Your backyard wildlife makes mine look very dull! Great photos.

  6. Wonderful photos! I love them all, especially the "company" one!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Hope your rest of the week is gorgeous!

  7. now I don't think I knew you were in Australia (and am wondering how i didn't know that??!)
    great photos
    fee x

  8. fab photos Anne :)
    I thought your photo for 'in season' was a clever choice...'odd' made me smile as we are total 'whovians' in our home, and I love your owl night light.


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