Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Home again

Hello, I'm home again in Victoria and back to cooler temperatures of 26C instead of 39C.  I actually feel like doing something, I had forgotten how much the intense heat saps your energy.

While I was on the farm I bought Mum a new bougainvillea plant.  She expressed a desire to look at the lovely blossom while doing the laundry in her outside wash house and I had so much fun creating an easy care patch of garden for her to make this possible.  My big strapping nephew very kindly cut down and grubbed out a dead privet shrub making space for the new garden.  I used whatever I could find including an old discarded 44 gallon drum, wire from some chicken netting, an old piece of trellis, some garden tie wire, stones from the farm, other pot plants from Mum's garden and a white pot for the bougainvillea. 

Mum and I both love the rusty drum although Dad thinks it needs a paint.

On the last Monday I was staying with my parents, my brother came over in the morning to deliver fresh milk, have a cuppa with us and was then on his way to move some sheep.  I hitched a ride with him so I could watch his amazing sheep dog Jessie in action.

It was an absolute joy to see her working and my brother says she is very mature for such a young dog.

Late Monday afternoon my brother took me, my nephew and the two dogs to Lake Baandee for a swim.  It is a salt lake which rarely has water in it due to the low rainfall in the area.  There has been water in the lake for the past two summers although previously it had been dry since about 1999.
My brother swimming with Bonnie.

 My nephew with his snorkeling gear on.  There was nothing much to see except a few mosquito larvae, he had fun anyway.
Gorgeous Bonnie with a salt and sand encrusted face.

 After swimming for a bit, Jessie decided it was time to go home and sat in the back of the ute.  She had to wait for us as we were having too much fun.

 Sun setting over the water.

 This is my favourite.

We came out of the water very crusty with salt but as I managed to float on my back for the very first time due to the saltiness of the water, I didn't mind. :)

I had a good flight home to Melbourne from Perth and passed over these salt lakes, one in the shape of a heart which I thought was rather lovely.

Flying over the township of Esperance.

Beautiful coastline along south eastern Western Australia.

So now it's back to the routine for a few months and then hubby and I are off to Europe for a couple of months.  There is a lot to do between now and then, so I had better get cracking.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to catch up with my blog.

Anne  xx


  1. Wow - great post Anne! love those photos of the swim in the lake and your shots from the plane. Must be nice to be back, although obviously your parents would have been sad to see you go.

    (BTW I'm having no end of problems with my blog and although I've posted - it's not showing up?! Will have to spend some time sorting it when I get the chance). cheers Wendy

  2. Beautiful pics! That Bonnie is quite a looker!!!


  3. Love that picture of salty Bonnie! Your post has warmed my bones - we are promised milder weather here this week but it hasn't arrived yet. In fact there is a very chilly wind blowing - roll on Spring!

  4. So glad to hear that you had a wonderful visit with your family. Wonderful pics of the landscape. Thanks for sharing. :0

  5. welcome home Anne, it's nice to hear from you again. Your little garden area looks great and I loved the photos of sun on water.

  6. I adore Bouganvillia too - love how you've displayed it for your mum. How lovely to cool off in the lake. The photo of Bonnie is gorgeous as is your favourite of the sun rays - so beautiful. Glad you are cooler tho still sounds very hot to me !

  7. Great pics sis. Another scorcher today, but cooler tm. I feel like going for dip right now.

  8. We had a bouganvillia around our gate, when we lived in Italy. Newly married couples would have their wedding photos taken against it. We often wondered how many wedding photos had our dogs barking in the background!

    Amazing views. I love the photo of the Jessie waiting to go home.

  9. Lovely photos of the sun going down over the salt lake.

  10. Hey Anne, welcome back to Vic.......wish we could send some of our rain over to your folks in WA. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see a splash of green in the paddocks?...
    They must be made of sturdy stuff living over there with the heat and lack of water.
    Love the bouganvillea and rusty is definitely the go......
    Gorgeous photo of Bonnie, bet she enjoyed her swim.

    Must be great to have water in the lake even though it's salt water. Just going for a dip would be refreshing after such hot days. The water photos are wonderful, particularly the sun's rays breaking through the clouds.
    Love the subtle tones of sky and water......stunning.

    Bet your'e glad to be back to the cooler temps ....

    Claire x


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