Friday, 17 February 2012

Evening sky

One of the wonderful things about visiting my parent's farm is being able to see 360 degrees.  There are no trees obscuring the view like where I live in Victoria.  On a clear night you can see millions of stars and tonight I went outside to get a star fix.  I could see the Southern Cross, the Two Pointers, the Seven Sisters and the Saucepan.  There were stars near and far, some twinkling and some blazing, such a magical night sky with the Milky Way clearly able to be seen.  No light pollution out here.

Last night I stepped outside to take some photos of this sunset.

Allow me to introduce you to Hector and


These two gorgeous farm cats (pets) were very hot and flaked out on the pavers trying to get cool.  It was nearly dark so I used the flash to get decent photos of them.  Hector or Hecky as he is called is timid and not too keen on strangers getting close.  Humphrey is a sook and will take all the attention you give him.  He is quite happy to sit in the wheelbarrow and go for a ride up to the wood heap which is rather cute.

Today has been another hot day of 38C with a cool change tomorrow and a temperature of 36C expected.  :)  Two degrees make all the difference I can assure you.  

Anne xx


  1. What a gorgeous sunset!! Cute kitties, too! :)

  2. Gorgeous sunsets! And to be able to watch the stars. Awesome!

  3. Jess took a 360 degrees video on her phone when she was on the transatlantic crossing - completely surrounded by sea.
    What a fantastic sunset but so hot ! Hector & Humphrey are gorgeous.

  4. Anne, those sunset pics are amazing......what stunning colours.

    I can imagine how wonderful the night sky is. No. 1 and I often go outside and lie down and gaze up at the stars, looking for satellites and shooting stars. I find it amazing that we are both looking at the saucepan and Southern Cross yet we are thousands of kms. apart..........

    I do hope you manage to get some cooler weather, I feel for cats in Summer. Shame they can't unzip those fur coats and take them off in the warmer weather.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire x

  5. Haha, I had to laugh at your 'cool' temperature of 36C!

    Gorgeous photos of the sunset.

  6. amazing photos Anne. I'd take a bit of your heat right now - winter is dragging here!
    fee x


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