Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Hello!  I'm starting to emerge from the fog, the fog of being unwell resulting from going on a detox programme.  I've been taking stuff (it's not worthy of a better name) for a couple of weeks now to help with various ailments.  I was told to expect some side effects such as headaches and a few aches and pains, but certainly did not expect a weeks worth of aches, woozy heads, lethargy and generally feeling ghastly.   Today I was feeling a little more myself, not wanting to collapse back into bed and sleep quite so much.

Anyway today got off to a glorious start because the postman delivered this to my door this morning.

I decided this book was something I wanted to savour the first time I opened it so got my chores done first.  The grocery shopping in the rain, last night's dishes, oops I forgot it was my turn, and other bits and pieces that needed doing.  I sat down with my lunch and a cuppa and devoured the pages.  This book has simply surpassed all my expectations as to what it would be like.  Each page I turned made me squeal a little more with delight and joy.  The colours, the patterns, the fabrics, the styling!  Selina is truly gifted.

This gorgeous photo from the book reminds me of some of the fabrics I've seen on the blog Bobo Bun.

 I'd be very happy if I could grow roses like this.  The next best thing is looking at them in Selina's book.

I don't buy many books but this is one I am so happy to have purchased and won't need to return to the library.

I've been playing around with these fabrics wondering if I can be brave enough to make a plain quilt made from 8 inch squares.  All I have to do is work out how to cut out all those squares.  HELP!?

They're rather an odd mix of fabrics, but that's where the fun begins for me.  The fun of moving away from something that is perfectly matched and ordered.

Well it's bed time for me as the head is starting to spin, a sure sign I need to rest.

Thanks for stopping by and catching up with my ramblings, it's been lovely having your company.

Anne  xx


  1. Anne I'm still swooning after your last post! How brave you are to do a detox before you head off to France. Glad to hear that you're feeling better. cheers Wendy

  2. Its a real treat to delve into that book isnt it? I bought it a couple of weeks a go and love it.


  3. I was only thinking last night that you have been quiet of late! Glad to hear your feeling better.

    The fabrics you have picked out look fab - it's going to be a wonderful quilt!

  4. Sorry to hear the detox made you feel so awful.. I knew there was a reason why I've never done one! Glad you're feeling a bit more like you're old self.

    That books looks lovely.. and I would love to have that jug of roses, I just love the old fashion types, they're gorgeous. xx

  5. That's my kind of book, too. I just love all those fabrics. I've been collecting fabrics aswell to make my first quilt but I've been shying away from making a start. All these quilters have fancy wheels and boards for cutting out their squares and shapes and I've only got a tape measure and a pair of scissors. Help is the cry from me aswell. Make sure you get your rest and are on top form for cutting out that first square. I'm sure your quilt will turn out just right and full of home spun style!
    Love from Mum

  6. Hey Anne, that is one beautiful and popular book.....I had a sneak peek through over at Little Woollie this week. No doubt you will spend alot of time, browsing and drooling over the lovely pics.

    All the best with your quilt.........I guess a rotary cutter, cutting mat and one of those perspex, measuring things patchworkers use might be the go for lots of precision cutting. But I'm not a quilting, patchworking person so I would probably ask Mr. Google, cos he knows a lot of stuff, hehe.......

    Another beautiful morning here before tomorrow's cool change. Have a great day and I hope you are feeling alot better. The detox sounds a bit icky........ hopefully the end results will be worth the effort.

    Claire X

  7. I do love that table mixed with the odd bright cushions. And the shelf of colourful fabrics reminds me of my own. So peaceful and happyfying. I'm just missing the roses! Very much. It looks and sounds a wonderful book. The fabrics will give you a washed out, boho look quilt. If you haven't got a cutting tool make a template or 4 out of firm carboard and sit the family down after tea to draw out squares on the back of your fabric and cut them all out with you. Best of luck with that !! Cherrie

  8. Sorry to hear that the thing to help you feel better makes you feel worse. Detoxes can do that !
    Lovely book but I can't help with the quilt sorry !

    Can't believe you only have six weeks til your wonderful trip !

  9. Thanks for your lovely message.What a wonderful book! I would drool over the pictures too! Love all the pretty fabrics.
    Hope your detox helps you to get better soon. :0)

  10. Many thanks for your lovely message. Things are looking up !
    I've been catching up and your trip !!!! I'm soooo envious !Keep us posted while you are away if you can. Cheers


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