Sunday, 25 March 2012


Hi everyone and welcome to my new follower.  I hope your weekend has been enjoyable, perhaps with some sunshine, none of which has appeared in Melbourne the last two days.
Remember the fabrics I showed you in my last post,
they have been cut up into 110  6 &1/2 inch squares ready to sew into a quilt.

I purchased a few more pieces of fabric last week to give the colour scheme a bit more pop and I'm quite happy with the colour combinations.  So all these squares are pinned together in rows and numbered so I remember the right order in which to sew them.  Sorry about the rubbish photo.

Late last week I had an overwhelming urge to have a good sticky down in the local op shop.  I came home with a few bits of pieces, a dress with fabric that is gorgeous and will cut up, a few pillowslips which will be turned into something else and this little china jug which cost me the grand total of 50cents.  

It's just perfect for displaying some autumn hydrangeas I picked from the garden today.  I suppose the hydrangeas are really too big for the jug, but do I care?  Nope!  It's all about what makes me happy, not about being perfect.
This afternoon I took my dog Sophie for a walk around the streets of the neighbourhood which was a lot of fun because tomorrow morning we are having a council hard rubbish collection.  Anyone who has stuff to get rid of has put it on the nature strip and what stuff there is.  Some of it is just rubbish, but I saw so many things I could have come home with.  Wooden chairs that could have been sanded down and painted, an old tiered garden stand and this which I did bring home.
  I'm not exactly sure what it is but it was sitting next to an old broken cast iron fire place grille.  
I have a weakness for wrought iron and I just couldn't leave it sitting on the grass.  I will use it as a display somewhere in the garden.

Well I'm off to iron hubby some work shirts for the week.  I hope your week ahead is a good one.

Till next time, take care,

Anne  xx


  1. That quilt is going to be just lovely!
    And what a fabulous finds in the neighbourhood! I wish the council had a collection like that here- but I fear I would come home with everything!

  2. Your quilt will be stunning. Beautiful dried Hydrangeas and I probably would have brought the rusty wrought iron thingy home too. Happy hunting !

  3. 110 squares is a lot of cutting but I think that is always the worst part of the whole quilt. Now for the fun. All the best. I do love your wrought iron piece. I wouldn't have left it either. Cherrie

  4. What a good find! I love wrought iron too - now what are you going to do with it Anne?
    Hydrangeas are a fave of mine also, as are the colours of your new quilt. Enjoy. cheers Wendy

  5. Love all the blues and browns in the fabrics. The splash of red in the paisley print is great. And the iron piece, well that is quite awesome! Can't believe someone didn't want that anymore.

  6. Wow, you have been busy cutting all those squares Anne......the quilt's throw is going to look great when it's all stitched together.

    Love the sweet little jug, it would've come home with me too if I had seen it in an op shop. Aren't the Hydrangea colours stunning?.....

    Love hard rubbish collection, sadly we don't have it out in the country, but friends has scored some wonderful bits 'n pieces over the years and your little wrought iron 'do dad' will look very effective somewhere.
    I know you'll find something wonderful to do with it.

    Have a gerat week,

    Claire x

  7. You have been busy Anne. I wish I could sew.. will have to try teach myself one day.

    I love your pretty little jug.. xx

  8. I would have brought the wrought iron back too. Probably immaterial what it was designed for, as I'm sure you are going to make wonderful use of it. Neat idea to have a hard rubbish day. Wish we had one.

    Looking forward to seeing your quilt all stitched up.


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