Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sewing and gardening

Hello, how are  you?  This morning I sat down and finished sewing the squares to make the cover of my quilt.  Hanging it on the clothes line is the best place to take a reasonable photo.

I'm very happy with how the squares are looking sewn together.  Now I'm on the lookout for some fabric for a border and will probably use calico as a backing as I have a roll of it to use up.

This afternoon I decided to tidy the front garden next to the footpath.  It is a large area that gets overgrown quite quickly if I don't attend to it regularly.  I've managed to take rubbish photos again, sorry, but at least you will get an idea of the area.

I've got leaves,spider webs and dirt in my hair but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing the green waste bag is full, ready to be taken away tomorrow.  Now I'm off to make a beef and vegetable pie for tea.

I hope you are all having a great day.  I'd like to welcome my new follower and thank you everyone for stopping by for a visit.

.Anne  xx


  1. Looking good. I did the squint test and I like the placement or lighter blocks which gives you long strips too. I half filled my green bin today but it's a slow process cutting the edges with secateurs. lol Cherrie

  2. Hey Anne, great effort all that sewing, not sure I would have the the blue it's gorgeous, the colour really pops.
    You've done a fab job and it looks wonderful, have you caught the bug?

    Must be the day for gardening......rRch and I have been whipping the back orchard into shape and the cows have been taking care of the cuttings.

    Love that mauve plant in the corner of the garden you know what it's called? Looks like you had a sunny day down there. Isn't this Autumn weather wonderful?....

    Claire x

  3. The blanket is looking great! I love the patterns.

  4. The quilt top looks great! How are you going to do the backing?

  5. Your quilt looks lovely... am loving the purple flowered bush too, my favourite colour. Hope you enjoyed your pie. xx

  6. love your autumn colours - and you were pretty darn quick making up that quilt! cheers Wendy

  7. A beautiful quilt & Calico backing sounds good. I love that plant too but was going to say the one with the blue flowers ! Blue ? Purple ? It's lovely.


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