Sunday, 1 April 2012

A bunch of flowers

There are some wonderfully inspiring people in bog land and one such inspiration for me is Kirsty from Sixty One A.  Kirsty is an artist and crafter.  She makes amazing art pieces from driftwood she finds on the beach in Cornwall, sews creatures from the sea and land and creates spectacular collages.  It is her collages that have inspired me to try one of my own.

I thought I would start with something simple, a bunch of flowers in a vase.  I started by drawing a basic outline of my picture on watercolour paper and started building up the picture by gluing small pieces of magazine paper.  Drawing on (pardon the pun) my knowledge of oil painting techniques, I tried to use lights and darks to create shadows and shapes.

I used paper pieces that included patterns and writing to add interest which I found helped make the picture more realistic, to my eyes anyway.  :)  When I was happy with the collage, I lightly shaded watercolour pencil around the picture.  Here are a few close ups to show some more detail.

I had a lot of fun doing this and spent a good four hours on it.  Of course when I'm immersed in anything artistic, the time just disappears.  I'd love to know what you think of my bunch of flowers.

 Thanks for stopping by for a visit and a big welcome to my new follower. 

Enjoy your Sunday,

Anne  xx

P.S.  I sign this type of artwork as Damelia in honour of my Grandma.  Damelia is a combination of her two names Dorothy and Amelia.


  1. Hey Anne, your collage looks fantastic and I can imagine it took four hours and maybe then some.

    I love Kirsty's work and have been inspired to have a go.....well, it's on the to do list!!

    I love the colours you used, it looks so pretty. I'm sure there will be more to come, have fun with it.

    Another beautiful Autumn day to enjoy....

    Claire X

  2. I think your use of non-plain paper has really brought depth to your flowers and vase. What a wonderful ability you have and great that you could get a whole four hours of bliss this way. Cherrie

  3. Hi Anne, I love your collage. You are so artistic and it's very pretty. I have finished my flower collage ....I love that too but it's not as accomplished as this...when I blog it you will see :0)
    Jacquie x

  4. Love this Anne! This is beautiful. How talented are you? I love the fact that you sign your artwork in honour of your Grandma. Have a great week. xx

  5. It's gorgeous. Are you going to frame or display it somehow?

    Renee :)

  6. It's very effective. I've seen Kirtsy's collages and they are quite impressive. It does look fiddly to do, I wonder how long one of hers takes. Four hours well spent for you and lovely to have such a pretty piece of work to show for it.

  7. How funny is that, never seen anything like that.

  8. It's totally beautiful. I did wonder about your signature - thanks for explaining ! I'm off to look at the Blog link now x

  9. Anne, it is wonderful! I am so pleased I inspired you to have a go! For me, collaging is quite therapeutic, like doing a jigsaw puzzle. Thanks for sharing x


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