Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The cat that likes corn

We once had a cat that ate fettuccine and other interesting non cat food.  We now have a cat that likes corn on the cob.  Here is Stripey tucking in to what is left of my corn cob.

Some people might be grossed out by this I suppose but think it's really funny.  He really gets into it, trying to eat it like a piece of meet.  Bits of corn go flying and he makes the funniest noises while he is slurping, licking and chewing and usually purring all the while.  Guess you have to be a cat lover.

Anne  xx


  1. That is hilarious! Stripey has good taste of food. :)

  2. One of my cats likes corn also. She also eats grapes (if you cut them in half), potato chips and cooked carrots. All four of my cats like popcorn.

    I love cats except for the shedding hair! It's hard to crochet without constantly using the lint roller. My sons said that once these guys have passed on I should buy a hairless cat but then I'd have to crochet coats for it!

  3. Haha....that's so funny Anne....I wonder what the attraction is and does he spend the next hour picking corn out of his teeth?!!

    Tig follows me out to the chook run when I have scraps for them. He thinks he's missing out on some 'goodies' but has found he's not a fan of porridge. Pastas's ok if it has some meat sauce on it........

    Next time we have corn on the cob I must see if Tig's interested......

    Claire x

    PS What's the countdown, down too?

  4. It is strange the things that animals eat! We have 2 dogs that love figs, I have had a dog that ate horse pellets, one that loved grapes... I loved seeing the cat eating the corn...amazing. I just read your last post too and love your collage...I too have been inspired by 61a and have begun something, see a previous post but have gone onto other things and must now get back to it. I have begun putting other papers on top so must do another post. i love yours!! Aubrey

  5. Haha love it Anne, what a lovely cat stripey is. I love the silly things cats do. One of mine, Marmalade, used to love to eat the fish pellets if we happened to drop any when feeding the fish in our pond. xx

  6. To be a bit gruesome I read somewhere that lots of cat like corn. Apparently it has to do with (big cats) eating grazing animals like deer and eating the contents of their stomachs. Small cats are obviously the same family although I don't see that one of mine would bring down a deer!

  7. That is so quirky & fun Anne! : )

  8. He looks very well on his vegetarian diet.
    Love from Mum

  9. Silly cat! He's got a bit of tabby striping, so do you consider him a tabby or just a mix? Thanks for your very nice comments about my grannies. Your collage will look wonderful in your bedroom.

    Renee :)


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