Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Crafting while travelling

Hello, I have a question for you.  If you were going on an overseas holiday for two months and had limited room for craft projects such as crochet (all that yarn), what would you do instead?

We will be very busy taking in the sights and generally having a great time, but there will be moments when I'll need to occupy the creative part of my being otherwise I will go nuts.  I plan on taking a sketchbook and watercolour pencils.  Any other ideas for something small and portable would be very much appreciated.


Anne  xx


  1. A lovely blog Anne. How about a cross stitch sampler? Xxx

  2. Hey Ann, it's a tricky question isn't it?....

    I would definitely have to have a crochet project on the go and perhaps a lovely scarf might be an idea.

    One colour and a nice design would take a while and not be an overnight project.

    Another idea might be a cross stitch, not too difficult but enough to keep you engaged and inspired.
    You may also find some thing on your trip that you want to do , some beautiful yarn that you want to use. That would be lovely and a nice reminder of a wonderful holiday.........

    Yep, I'm jealous.....hehe.....

    Claire x

  3. Cross sttich is time consuming but can be kept very small. Lovely designs can be made in one colour, to keep the treads down. Also blackwork or red work.Paper pieced hexagons would also work, if you had them all prepared and ready to sew together. Also a tapestry would be lovely.

  4. What about counted cross stitch? You can get some small kits and the thread takes up very little room.

  5. I would take 5 balls of yarn and one crochet hook and make as many granny squares as I could alternating colours to keep the interest going. Squash the balls up at the sides of your suitcase and they shouldn't take up too much room.
    Love from Mum

  6. I agree with your Mum, and top up with wool you WILL see on your travels, then it will be a lovely reminder of all the places you see in your travels. You trip sounds absolutely wonderful! Yes, I think a rug made up of your travel wools would be just the thing! Love Aubrey

  7. I always take a small cross stitch picture when I am short of space.

  8. Wow! Going on an overseas holiday for two months! Just great, Anne!
    I sketchbook and watercolour pencils is a good choice.

  9. I always take my crochet threads along so that I could make some doilies. They don't occupy much space and also I will get to have some hooky time.

  10. I am the anti-craft so my suggestions would be useless. (I am not anti-craft as a concept, just beyond hopeless at it myself.... Actually very envious of artistic people)

    I just love the drawings below your blog header though. You are a clever lady.

  11. Maybe a small embroidery project, because floss and linen doesn't take up nearly as much room as yarn. I love your idea of a sketch book. Of course the most important thing to me would be my camera , to keep track of all the wonderful sites.

  12. Just another thought..if you go the hookey way you can always post the squares home and when you get home you will have all these lovely small parcels to open and it will bring back memories of where you have been. Do take the sketch pad too! Have a great time and we will think of you in all the wonderful places!! Love Aubrey

  13. Watercolour pencils and sketchbook sound perfect Anne! But perhaps also keep your options open to discover something over there (like a cross stitch as suggested above) you may want to choose to do for a special thing to bring back home. I'm guessing the cost might be cheaper here but it could be lovely to have a souvenier to bring home of something you bought and made over there.


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