Sunday, 15 April 2012

Getting organised and enjoying the day

 Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.  Much organising is happening at the moment and I've started getting some things ready for our overseas holiday.   In the suitcase is a little first aid kit, my travel sewing kit, laundry bits and pieces including a little bottle of liquid wash, a pegless clothesline and a travel iron.  The cabin bag is partially packed too with my pencil, pens and sketchbook and a spare change of clothes should our luggage go missing for a bit.  Something else in the suitcase are these.

There might be opportunities for picnics involving baguettes, Italian bread, French and Italian cheeses and wine perhaps with some fresh berries.  Best to be prepared.  Also tucked away with this little lot is a bottle opener.  No point in having wine glasses and wine without a bottle opener.  Don't worry, the glasses are unbreakable and the plates, bowls and mugs melamine.

I have been taking long walks everyday in a bid to get so fit (ha, ha) as we will be doing a lot of walking in Europe.  The autumn weather has been glorious here which has made walking such a delight.  Today while walking I enjoyed looking at these lime green leaves starting to change colour, I can see a few yellow ones here and there.

Walking through fallen autumn leaves and enjoying the crunching noise they made when I stepped on them.

And taking my dog Sophie with me I went for a walk.  I'm going to miss her so much.  She's not very happy with me in this photo as I kept stopping to take photos and she wanted to walk.

This evening hubby and I spent a lovely couple of hours chatting with our neighbours about our overseas holiday and picking up some tips from their travel experiences in Europe.  After a bottle or two of bubbly and some delicious snacks, we were all feeling quite merry and mellow.  Good times!

 Tomorrow will be another glorious sunny day which means another lovely walk for Sophie and me and perhaps a spot more packing.

Anne xx


  1. You are so organised ! When I go away I spend ages getting the house ready to leave for friends then throw everything in my suitcase !
    I hope you get lots of use from your picnic items. Lovely wine glasses - much prettier than our unbreakable ones. Just right for Italy. I'm SO excited for you !!!

  2. Ooh, it's getting exciting now! Not for Sophie, though. She looks really down in the mouth.
    Love from Mum

  3. Ah, have a lovely, lovely time - how great to be spending some time in Italy (it's one of my all-time fave places). Enjoy!!!
    Emily x

  4. Hey Anne, all your preparations must make the trip seem so much closer...... exciting time.

    The thought of picnics in Spring weather sounds lovely......

    Just wondering, would it be easier to find an op shop O/S and buy some picnic pieces there........I found when we went away that trying to pack everything I wanted and keep the suitcase weight within the limit was very tricky indeed.
    When you are finished with them you can donate them back and have more room for all your wonderful purchases...

    I must get out and get walking in this lovely weather....I am inspired by Bunny Mummy. Enjoy the rest of the weeekend....

    Claire x

  5. You sound so organized. What a good idea to be prepared for a bit of alfresco dining.

  6. I have just added a bit more to the previous post, i had been thinking more of your request...have a lovely time, love aubrey

  7. I;m feeling all excited about your upcoming holiday Anne! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  8. to your blog via Sweet birdy love. How exciting a trip to Europe.......keep up the walking you will be so glad you did once you start sightseeing all day.Last year i spent a month in Italy (first ever trip overseas)and had the most wonderful time, i too did lots of walking before i went.
    I brought a small travel water coloring set in Florence and spent a few quiet times painting........wonderful memories to have once home.
    One little hint........go easy on packing clothes and make sure you wear in a good pair of walking shoes. Ciao.

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time - and many glorious picnics! Loving how prepared you are. I always take my own mug everywhere with me, even to a self catering cottage where there will be mugs a plenty - my tea just tastes better out if it!
    Happy travels
    (that dog's sad face is brilliant!)

  10. I'm so excited about the idea of picnics in France and Italy - I love that its these simple moments that truly make great holidays in these countries. I remember so well having a picnic in a field of daffodils in France, as well as another near a lake with a huge piece of soft cheese we had just bought from a dairy. You are in for such a treat!!

  11. Good times indeed! And I am SO impressed that one of your priorities before your big trip is to organise a travel crafting kit. That's dedication!! x


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