Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Hi everyone, thanks for popping in to see me.  The menu planning is going well and I've been enjoying knowing what food will be on our dinner plates for the days that I cook.  Charlotte cooks two nights a week and hubby cooks Saturday nights.  Genevieve is resisting visiting the kitchen for cooking duties but I'm determined she will know how to cook before she leaves home.  She says she knows how to make a mean piece of toast...yes well, that's o.k. if there is bread in the house.  Moving right along.

I made cheese muffins to go with our pumpkin soup last night and this morning I put together this chicken curry in the slow cooker.  Delicious smells have been wafting through the kitchen all day and I can confirm that it tasted delicious and was a hit with the whole family.

Orange and Poppy seed muffins were also made and as they turned out a bit dry, I piped orange flavoured cream cheese icing on the top.  They made a lovely afternoon tea snack for my sister, nephew and neice who were visiting today.  I bought out the Gingernuts I made too.  Teenage boys have very hollow legs it seems.  :)

The cereal containers were empty so it was time to make muslie today.  I love adding seeds, pecans and dried fruits for variety and taste.  I can buy the most delicious dried paw paw in big long spears which I chop up and add to the mix.

During my busy morning this male King Parrot came calling.  He loves pumpkin and sunflowers seeds and I can't resist giving him a little handful.

Today seemed to be the perfect day for donning for the first time this colourful silk scarf I bought in Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy.  It is a lovely paisley design....I just love paisley.

While making cups of tea this afternoon, I showed my sister this wonderful used tea bag holder I found in a little gift shop in Shrewsbury.  Don't you love it with the Union Jack bunting and words 'Old Bag'? What a play on words.

My lovely sister very kindly bought me this posy of gorgeous pink daisies from her garden.  My garden is sadly lacking in colour let alone anything to pick to bring inside.  This little op. shop jug was the perfect place to display them.

I'm looking for a home for these little mementos from France.  They were purchased at the fair (trash 'n' treasure) in Normandy where I found the enamel jug.  The little tin is the most gorgeous blue colour and I'm wondering if I could seal it to stop further rusting.  The key is fabulous.  I know technology has it's place but I do love a good old fashioned key.   There is something rather romantic about using a big key like this one to open a door.

While we are on the subject of holiday momentos, I bought a rather kitch mini statue of David in Florence.  It's quite accurate in every way including anatomically, much to the horror of my nephew and neice of early teen years and they proclaimed it quite gross.  I whispered in Genevieve's ear and she came back from the garden with a little leaf to give him some modesty.  The sticky tape makes it look like he is wearing a see through skirt.  What do you think?  My sister, my girls and I were in fits of laughter.  I love being silly, it's seriously underated!!

So this has been a few snippets of my life from the past few days.  Nothing earth shattering, very pleasant days bumbling along and trying to get back into the rythym of life post holiday.

I'll be back soon, until then take care,

Anne xx


  1. haha just having a giggle over your David statue!
    Lovely photos, love your scarf! You look very relaxed after your holiday. It seemed like it all went very well, though I'm sure it's nice to be home with family again. I love my slow cooker too and I'm planning a massaman beef curry this weekend when some friends come over. I'm not one for menu planning, though I do like the idea, it just doesn't work for me! cheers Wendy

  2. Love your "Old bag" holder and the scarf is very pretty.Looks like you are well and truly back in the groove.

  3. Life is full of snippets, interesting to read a few of yours Anne.
    Love the pic of you, the scarf is gorgeous and how nice to have a reminder of your time in Italy.
    Gorgeous King Parrots, a splash of colour to brighten a dull day.
    I'm with you on old keys......the stories they could tell!!
    Meal planning, you have inspired me to get my act together and give it a whirl.
    Love the tea bag holder....what a hoot and as for that statue of David, how funny is that leaf? Being silly and having a good laugh is definitely good for your health.
    Hope you saw the sun today after all the rain......

    Claire x

  4. Hi Anne
    I love the little leaf preserving David's modesty - brilliant! The scarf's lovely - how nice to have a permanent reminder of your holiday.
    Enjoy those muffins - yummmmm
    Emily x

  5. I love your scarf! I'm a fan of paisley too and the colours are nice. Sounds like you have soon got back into normal life after your trip! Nice way to protect the teenagers from the grossness!!

  6. Hello Anne, yes I quite agree silliness is seriously under-rated : ) What a lovely picture of you & the paisley scarf. Delightful pink daisies from your sister..and what an amazingly vibrantly coloured king parrot!! Sounds like a great plan you've got sorted for the cooking of dinner. I guess I've always been a bit haphazard It's now become a different phase & a little strange cooking for just me 5 nights a week but I am doing better at making myself nourishing things & enjoying the process. I will email you sometime about the food thing. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  7. David's little leaf :) made me giggle out loud!
    what a beautiful post Anne, finding joy in the simple things is a gift :)

  8. Love this post, Anne!
    You look beautiful and happy.
    Gorgeous colourful silk scarf too.

  9. Lovely post Anne, sounds like your week has been fun.

    Love the King parrot he has such beautiful colours :)

    I bet the leaf did cause a giggle. Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional, love this saying. We should have more fun, more often, it is good for the soul...

    Very pretty scarf and the little cupcakes and curry look delish!


  10. Now I love making muesli too, and eating it! Very satisfying, on both counts :D

  11. Ha ha that does look like a skirt, and a great way to spare the teenagers blushes!
    I love your scarf and those pink daisies are lovely!


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