Monday, 16 July 2012

Winter garden

Hello everyone, how are you?  The winter garden is really quite dismal at the moment with only a few pops of colour here and there.  However there is some which is lovely.  I planted Primula seedlings in March so they would be flowering by June.  Please ignore the weeds, it's on my to do list.

The Hellebores are flowering although their heads are very droopy from all the rain.

The Daphne is giving off the most beautiful perfume and I have placed sprigs of it throughout the house.

Some bug seems to like the leaves.

I found this Azalea hiding amongst some Pelargoniums.  I nice little splash of colour if I look hard.

These Jonquils were planted about 14 years ago and every year the grubs have eaten the flowers.  Not this year though.  It's very exciting to see some bright yellow in the garden.

This Chinese Lantern (Abutilon) flowers for most of the year.  I'm loathe to prune it back as sometimes it is the only thing flowering in the garden and the Wattle Birds love it.  Hubby pruned the side of it as it grows out into the driveway.  I've left the top branches so I can see these flowers everyday.

This Pandorea an Australian native climber, needs some serious attention.  I hoping to have lovely flowers come spring.  The sky looks lovely in this photo but it was oh so cold today.

When we have huge amounts of rain like we have this winter, the Land Crayfish also known as Land Crabs (although they are not a crab but a relative of the yabby) come up to the surface in our lawn (weeds) and make these mounds.  You can read all about them by going to the link above.

They don't do any harm, although we have to be careful not to slip on their muddy mounds.  If a yabby should venture from it's home in day light hours, our chook will gobble it up very quickly.

I was inspired by  Gillian of Eclectic Me to make some wash/face cloths.  Here is my first attempt which   turned out much smaller than I expected so I'll be adding some more stitches to the foundation chain when I make the next one.  It's very wonky around the edges and there are a few threads where they ought not to be.  I used Bamboozle yarn from Lincraft and found it very slippery to use.  I've since found a yarn supplier in the U.K. who who will ship internationally.  They have the most gorgeous cotton yarn in pretty colours just perfect for making up some more of these for the bathroom and the kitchen.

I must apologise again for the poor quality of my photos.  The good camera has gone to the camera hospital and I'm using the little digital we first had.

I hope you are all well and happy and that those living in the U.K. are having some summer weather.  It didn't look to wonderful in Paris on Bastille Day as shown on the t.v. news.  People were dressed in coats.  Brrrr.

Well it is time to make dinner.  On the menu tonight is beef rissoles (patties), Moroccan seasoned potato wedges and a mixed salad.  Menu planning is going well.

 Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Anne  xx


  1. Loving those colours Anne.
    I'd never heard of a land crab so I will have to follow your link. Sounds weird?!
    I think you picked the best time to travel by the sound of things.
    BTW - did you look up Stradbroke Island? Just a little way from Brisbane - so close there's a water taxi.
    cheers Wendy

  2. I think your garden looks quite lovely. I'm glad you've tried making wash cloths. I haven't crocheted any but learned to knit some about 1.5 years ago and love them for washing dishes.

  3. Hey Anne, nice bit of colour around the garden and the weeds just seem to keep multiplying don't they?........

    I have a Chinese Lantern in my shrubbery. The cows stick their heads over the fence and prune them, so they're never going to grow too high, hehe.....
    I love Daphne, unfortunately I haven't had much luck growing them. It's nice to have posies of them inside the house......
    I haven't tried making a washcloth yet, but it's definitely on the list. Love the colours.

    CLaire x

  4. Love all the color you have in your yard during all the cold weather. As for those land crabs, we call them crawfish over here and they are farmed down south to be eaten. Good stuff!

  5. Hello :) We've had rain all day again, not much of a summer here so far (UK). Your garden looks full of colour, and your dishcloth is very pretty. x

  6. Always so funny to me that you are having winter while we are in the midst of summer.

    Anne, thank you so much for your warm, sweet words, such a comfort to me, like a hug from afar. I am blessed to have you as a friend.

  7. oh you have lots of lovely colour in your garden Anne, I love winter in the garden esp when my red hot pokers come out, they almost finished now.
    well done on your wash cloth, that is such a pretty colour of the bamboozle...I have been knitting the bamboozle this week and find it is much easier to knit than to crochet as it doesn't seem to split when you knit it! I've just had some Bendigo Woolen Mills 8ply cotton arrive, altho I was a little disappointed it isn't a little thicker I sopose I can use it double. Could you email me the link to the UK supplier sometime please. Have a lovely day my dear, Gillian x

  8. Your Jonquils look like our Daffodils! How weird this is? What beautiful colours though. Are you in spring as our Daffs come out in Spring. I really must get my head around our seasons and yours. We still havent had our summer! Though it should have started several weeks ago. Nice to see such beautiful colours.

  9. Well.....I never!!
    Land Crayfish.
    Can't believe I've never heard of them!


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