Sunday, 16 September 2012

My week

Last weekend our family travelled to Bendigo to see my niece perform in her school production of Les Miserables.  

 My niece pictured below played the role of Eponine.  We were amazed and wowed by her singing voice and acting abilities.  The whole production was fantastic with the music performed by a combination of teachers and students from the school.

We stayed the night with my brother and sister-in-law and were treated to an incredible brunch including this platter of wonderful fruit,  followed by hot drinks and this yummy orange drizzle cake made by a family friend also staying over.


 The late night proved just a bit too much for Miss Genevieve who snuggled under this gorgeous quilt made by my sister-in-law.

 After brunch I went for a stroll out in the garden and discovered the family cat Mr. Mistoffelees sunning himself.

On the drive back to Melbourne we past Hanging Rock a former volcano.  This isn't a very good photo, it's much more interesting formation up close and personal.

Monday was my sister's birthday so we decided to go to the Acorn Nursery, one of our favourite places to visit where we can not only enjoy the flowers and plants for sale but the wonderful food at the cafe and wandering around the gorgeous gift shop.

I made this birthday card for my sister.

Hubby has been working on tidying up part of our back yard where our bins are kept.  We have pavers from previous projects available to use as the base.

While he was moving dirt he came across this Land Crayfish which I've blogged about before.  Our chook made short work of him and was gobbled up in seconds.

I've been working on some more illustrations/sketches for card making purposes.  It's such an enjoyable thing to do but I really must get back to my oil painting which has been somewhat neglected the past few months.

The creative pursuits certainly helps keep me calm during times of worry.  My Dad spent some time in hospital a week or so ago as he was having problems breathing.  He is home now and has oxygen available to him when he needs it.  It is sad for me to see this once strong farmer unable to do very much anymore due to his health but am so happy he is in good spirits and I get to speak to him everyday on the phone.  With my Dad not well, Mum is basically doing much of the work that use to be shared between them which is tiring for her.  Not that she is complaining, she never has or will and is so appreciative to be able to care for him.

My sister and family are visiting them in a week or so to be followed by hubby and Charlotte early November and then when Genevieve has finished exams, she and I will visit in late November, early December.  I am indeed very fortunate to be able to visit so frequently not only to see them but to help where I can.

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead and thank you so much for stopping by.

Anne  xx


  1. Hey Anne, love your cards, they look great particularly the birthday card for your sister.
    Love the picture of Mr. Mistoffelees, he looks like he hasn't got a care in the world.
    The orange drizzle cake looks delish and it sounds like you had a great family catchup.
    Sorry to hear your dad has been in hospital, but it's great that family are able to go over and visit and help your mum out.....
    Hope you have a great week too....

    Claire x

  2. I LOVE the miserables! and those photos are great. And I love your paintings too have such a talent.
    fee x

  3. Sounds like a very pleasant few days with family. Sorry to hear your dad has been unwell but it's good that he has family around who can regularly visit and help out.

    Thanks for your comment about my book reviews - I'm glad you liked them, I don't think they're that good as I find I never know what to say or (shamefully!) have often forgotten a lot of the detail when I come to right about the books! The uninvited was so interesting, I'll look out for a copy for you!

  4. I love your pictures - they will make wonderful cards.
    Your father is very lucky to have such a wonderful, caring family around him.
    Love from Mum

  5. I could just eat a slice of that cake!

    Your paintings are so lovely.

    I'm sorry your Dad is unwell but it's so nice that family are able to help out.

  6. Les Mis is a big event for a school to put on. Love how the kids are still wearing all their wrist bands !
    Sorry to hear about your dad - what a worry. Your drawings are so light and pretty.

  7. Just catching up here. Beautiful cards and ooh, Les Mis, my favourite :D

  8. Hope your father picks up soon - it must be so hard for you all.

    I remember Hanging Rock - I visited on a cold wet day. There was a rather spooky film as well, wasn't there?

    Pomona x


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