Friday, 16 November 2012

Spring posy and a new dressing gown

Last week I decided to have a wander around the garden to see what was flowering, what weeds needed to be pulled and how my little vege patch was faring.  I picked a small posy of flowers and plonked them in this pretty bright aqua jug to brighten up the table.

The Sweet Peas and Roses smelt divine.

The last summer dressing gown I bought was just before I got married and although I still have it hanging in the wardrobe, it doesn't fit around me in quite the same way as it use to.  Time for a new one only this time I decided to make one.  Considering the luck I've had recently with trying to make some clothes for myself, this was a brave undertaking.  I used this pattern.

I decided to make a medium size which has turned out rather roomy with quite long sleeves.  I can assure anyone who is a sewer that this was not 2 hour sleepwear.  I'm very happy with how it turned out.

I found the boys, Stripey and Bungee side by side enjoying a sleep on top of the couch this morning.  We call Stripey (the cat on the left) blob blob, which he is of course.

They had all that room and a choice of chairs to sleep on but no, the top of the couch it had to be.

I leave for Western Australia with Genevieve on Sunday to visit Dad and Mum for two weeks.  I'll try and pop into blog land if I can.

Take care everyone,

Anne  xx


  1. Hey Anne, your dressing gown looks great well done.
    I made a dressing gown to take to hospital when I had Richard. That was the only time I used it I think, it was a little too big once I had him, hehe...
    Your Foxgloves in the background are just gorgeous.
    Stripey and Bungee obviously chose that spot as it's got the best view of the yard ......and birdy's!!
    Your posy of flowers is lovely, the rose is stunning....
    Safe travels and enjoy your time in the West....
    Give your mum and dad a big hug from me please.....

    Claire x

  2. Enjoy your time with your parents.
    I wrote a post about my hunt for an old fashioned brunch coat a while ago and finally found one so I know you must be pleased to have a nice new one.

  3. Beautiful posy of flowers, I love to see fresh flowers and even more special that they come from tour own garden :) Your sweetie pie pussy cats! Our dogs favourite place is on the top of the sofa too, I think they like the height, makes them feel superior... which of course they are :) xx

  4. And you take care and have a safe journey. The pussycats look so content in the sun.
    Love from Mum

  5. Love the flowers and your cosy living room. Your dressing gown is beautiful too. Enjoy wearing it ;-)

  6. I just noticed the words at the bottom of your post. I pray for travel mercies and a blessed time with your father. Hugs.x

  7. Hi Anne , lovely flowers from your garden !
    You did a great job with the dressing gown...looks lovely and such satisfaction from making it yourself.
    Hope the trip goes well.
    Jacquie x

  8. Stripey & BlobBlob are gorgeous. Billy is a Blob too.
    Wow your dressing gown is lovely & very pretty flowers.
    Hope all well for your visit but know you will be sad. Glad you will have company x

  9. Gorgeous flowers Anne...Gee it's a cats life in your house :)

    The dressing gown looks great, well done you :)


  10. The flowers from your garden look lovely, I wish I could smell them too!

    Well done on your dressing gown, it looks great.


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