Saturday, 17 November 2012

I've finally found my brain

I was looking at Pinterest this morning and came across this diagram showing how my brain is made up and organised.

The design is by Urban Threads, a website that sells machine and hand embroidery designs.  I love this design and I'm so glad I finally have an explanation for what really goes on in my head.  :)

Have a good one,

Anne  xx


  1. I can definitely relate to that brain!!!

  2. Haha maybe that's why my brain is fuddled too! Great explanation indeed!


  3. A fun image... sounds about right for you!!

    Just seen your other post too, I was wondering if everything was ok as you hadn't blogged for a little while. Hope you have a good trip to see you parents and all is well, or as well as can be.

  4. That's so funny and you're right Anne, it finally explains everything....

    Claire x

  5. I love it too Anne! So (sew) clever. cheers Wendy


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