Thursday, 1 November 2012


Thank you everyone for your support and kind word of encouragement on my post about Dad yesterday.  I spoke to him again last night and he sounded better.  He had a visit with his specialist doctor yesterday who has a more accurate picture of his health which is more positive than expected.

I am normally a very strong person but yesterday I crumbled.  Note to self, don't write or publish posts when emotions are running high.  I just want to acknowledge my daughter Charlotte on this blog.  She showed incredible understanding and compassion yesterday and looked after me beautifully when I was at my lowest.  Thank you darling.

Something resembling normal posts will resume again soon.

Thank you everyone for you patience with me,

Anne  xx


  1. When we are bloggers we want to reach out and share with someone (our readers). Don't knock yourself for that. You didn't crumble, you just shared your heart. Natural feelings are nothing to be ashamed of. So glad to hear your dad has rallied. Sounds like you have an awesome daughter too. Hugs. xx

  2. This is the hardest thing for a child to have to go through. Wouldn't it be great if parents lasted forever?

    I am watching my mother deteriorate with failing memory (the start of altzheimers) and her body getting increasingly frail, she's 82.

    Make that trip sooner than later, dear. It will be a trip you won't regret. Oh, I loved the bit about the mint sauce too!

    My Dad's been gone 23 years and I remember him pouring his hot cup of tea into his saucer then slurping it as it cooled. I've never seen anyone else do that!

    Praying that you get some time with your Dad,


  3. No patience required, hun. I know we readers like the pretty blogs, but life is not all chocolate kittens and fluffy cupcakes y'know.
    I write my blog warts 'n all because I need to 'let it out' (swearwords included). I am losing my female support network for different reasons, so I write everything to stop me from going crazy.
    Love to you and your family, take care of Dad,
    Susan x

  4. Hello dear Anne..actually I was wondering what you meant the other day. (as in all seemed quite normal to me) I entirely agree with Joyful. Please do share keep sharing your heart...that's what life is all about. Good on Charlotte. Love & hugs & friendship Catherine x0x0x

  5. Anne, I'm sorry I missed your post yesterday, we had a busy days and I just logged on and posted my books post but didn't have much time to sit and read others... a very sad post but I don't think you shouldn't have written it. This is your blog and it's so often to get things out of your head. I have read the previous post and didn't think it sounded attention seeking at all, it was just an honest account of your feelings on a bad day.

    There's nothing wrong with crumbling, especially under such circumstances. I am glad to hear things are a little more positive today, perhaps there is a little more time than you thought there would be - maybe you could get there a little sooner or stay a little longer than you had planned to? I hope you get to spend some quality time together very soon anyway.

    I don't know what else to say so I'll just send some hugs :)

    We're going away for a few days today so I'll catch up with you next week and I hope you have a nice weekend.


  6. Stay positive and I'm so glad that your dad sounded better.
    Love from Mum

  7. Oh I'm so glad your lovely girl was a support. If you can't say how you feel here then we have no right knowing you just a little on your Blog. Take comfort from the lovely comments xx

  8. Hi Anne,

    Sorry to hear about your Dad. I am a new reader and have been teamed up with you for the Mad Aout Bags Christmas cracker swop. Could you please e- mail me at to have a chat/ swap addresses etc. Take care.

  9. Hi Anne.

    Hope your Dad has a better day today.
    We have been tested up form the Christmas cracker swap via Mad About Bags blog. Please e- mail me at to can't/ swap addresses etc.
    Take care.

  10. Daughters are a gift aren't they. Bet your Dad feels the same way x


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