Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Cracker Swap 2012 and an update on Dad

In November I stumbled across Tracy at  Made About Bags blog and as she was organising a Christmas Cracker swap I decided to join in.  I was paired with Kimberley from Creative Chaos
who lives just across the ocean from me in New Zealand.

I had to get my cracker off to Kimberley well before the deadline as I was going to be in Western Australia.  When I returned home my Christmas Cracker from Kimberley was waiting for me.  I love what she sent me all wrapped up in very pretty Christmas fabric with a gorgeous card.

In my cracker was a very handy Christmas tree biscuit cutter.  I'll be using it to make white chocolate drizzled shortbread for Christmas.  Also included was some Eco soap, some red starry buttons (always handy for a Christmas crafty project), a craft pen, candy cane, reindeer ornament, a kiwi cross stitch, chocolate (already eaten) and the most beautiful handmade house ornament to hang on our tree.  My photos don't do it justice unfortunately.

Part of the swap was including something handmade so I made this little bird below for Kimberley to hang on her Christmas tree if she likes.  I had a lot of fun designing and making my little bird.  I know I have a huge stash of craft products but I didn't have to buy anything for this project, it was all to hand.  The silver decoration on the tail and feet are jewellery findings.

Thank you to everyone who has left comments about Dad.  He is currently having a stay in hospital for observation and adjustment to medication.  In the two weeks while I was home in Western Australia I saw him become even more frail and needing more assistance than can be provided at home.  Health wise he is as good as can be expected in the circumstances, eating quite well which is wonderful and mostly on oxygen all the time.  He is quite chirpy when speaking on the phone, so I know he is comfortable.  After his hospital stay he may spend some time in a care facility in a local town which cares for elderly people.  It is very hard for Dad and Mum to be separated, with Mum living at home.  Despite the fact that Dad is very unwell, he and I had many lovely conversations and lots of joking around.  It was a very special time in many ways.  We were able to help Mum with organising some things in the home to make it easier for her and had a number of giggling sessions along the way.

 I would like to make mention of my two nephews who live very close to my parents on my brother's farm.  They are wonderful young men who were and are willing to help out in anyway they can.  I'm so very proud of who they have become as people, they are a credit to their parents.  Thanks fellas, knowing you are nearby to help out  makes it just that little bit easier living so far away.

Something resembling normal blogging will resume soon.  I have many photos to share during the time spent in Western Australia.  Many of them were taken by Genevieve who seems to have quite a knack for taking artistic photos.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,

Anne  xx


  1. What a lovely swap. I'm sure your dear little bird will be cherished.

    So glad your mum & dad have family close by to support & you being there must have been wonderful.

  2. Hi Anne,

    I've had a very busy few days and am just catching up now. I'm sorry to hear things went a downhill a bit with your dad but I very much hope that the hospital and a change in medication will help and there will be some improvement.

    It's great that you have family nearby to help out. Will you be able to spend Christmas with your family in Western Australia?

    As your post is a few days old, I'm hoping news is a little better by now.



  3. I am glad you got to spend some special times with your Dad :)

    That's good that your nephews are able to help out on the farm...


  4. It's wonderful to hear you had some happy times with your mother and father. Though it is difficult to watch our loved ones in failing health it sounds as if everything is going as well as can be expected. You are so blessed to have other family members there who can help too. I pray for continued love and care for your parents and for you to have comfort and peace as the days go forward. Hugs. xx


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