Sunday, 25 November 2012

Stormy days

Hello from Western Australia, a state that has crazy weather at the moment.  We've just had three days of thunderstorms with amazing lightning displays and lots of rain that is falling at the wrong time of the year.  The farmers are trying to get their harvest in and now it's all wet and damp which does nothing for the quality of the grain.

Genevieve and I went to a nearby large town to do some errands and grocery shopping for Mum on Thursday.  We got caught up in a bit of the storm and on the way home took the following photos.


As we were driving along the road two Wedge Tail eagles flew up.  By the time I had stopped the car they had flown up high so these are the best photos I could get.

As harvesting had come to a stop because of rain, my brother decided to do some sheep work which Genevieve and I helped with.  Below are some photos of work in progress with my brother, nephew and Genevieve.

Last night we had the mother of all thunderstorms which just happened to coincide with my other nephew and cousin playing in their band at a gig my cousin had organised.  They also had a Blues Brothers and Beatles cover bands playing.  The performers were under cover, the audience not.  Genevieve tagged along with my brother to see the show, I opted to stay home out of the weather and keep an eye on Dad who had a bad day yesterday. When I find the photos I'll post them.  Needless to say, Genevieve came home soaked to the bone and cold but a hot shower, water bottle in bed with lots of cosy blankets and a hot water bottled fixed that.

Anne  xx


  1. Hey Anne, a great post, love the stormy sky pics, shame the rain is falling at the wrong time. The life of a farmer is not an easy one.......
    I bet your brother certainly appreciated a couple of extra pairs of hands helping out with the sheep.
    We had 39 deg. today, so reading about hot water bottles and lots of blankets seems so wrong for this time of year, hehe......
    So good you have been able to visit, enjoy your time......

    Claire x

  2. The weather is stormy but it certainly makes for beautiful and dramatic photos. I can almost feel the heat in the photos with the sheep in them. It is rather cold here tonight (and turned into a moody, misty night) so maybe I'm doing some wishful thinking ;-) I'm so glad your siblings and you and your daughter are all there at this time. I'm sure you parents are too. Hugs. xx

  3. Look at all those fluffy sheep. So cute! Big storms like that have to be pretty amazing to watch, especially when out in the open country. Beautiful in a strange sort of way. :)

  4. I am sorry for the bad stormy... but love your beautiful photos!
    Great photos of the sheeps!

  5. Gorgeous skies. Hope your dad has a better day tomorrow.
    Love from Mum

  6. That must have been pretty impressive to see two eagles!

    What a shame the thunderstorm put a dampener on the gig.

  7. I think the weather is crazy everywhere just now. Here in Wales, UK, a look at the fields suggests that rice would be a good crop for next season!

  8. Such dramatic weather. Wonderful photos to give us a picture what life is like on the farm.
    hope your dad is comfortable today x

  9. Anne I'm so glad you are over there spending time with your Dad.
    Lovely storm photos - looks (and sounds) rather dramatic.
    cheers Wendy

  10. Anne, those first three photos belong on an Aussie calendar. Just brilliant!

  11. The weather has indeed been decidedly unhelpful. I was sorry to hear about the damage to your brother's crops in your comment on my post. Frustrating and stressful in a year that sounds already fairly challenging.

    We have more rain forecast this week and are desperately trying to get as much grain off as we can before then....


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