Saturday, 22 December 2012

Queen of Kong

Yesterday I took our cats Stripey and Bungee to the vet for their annual checkup and vaccinations.  I'm happy to say that at 12 years of age they are both doing well and Stripey's hypothyroidism is under control with tablets twice a day.  

While talking to the vet, I took the opportunity to mention Sophie's recent reaction to the brisket bone I gave her and he said that some dogs can react badly to the fat content of the bone.  He said the boiled rice and chicken I was giving her while she was sick was the perfect bland diet until she had recovered which she now is, thankfully.

When Sophie was a puppy I bought her a Kong which has long since been destroyed.  So while I was paying the bill at the vet I took the opportunity to buy her a new Kong and a one of those manufactured bones that is good for chewing but wont do her any harm.  I'm saving the bone to give her on Christmas Day as we will be spending the day away from home with my sister.

When I got home, I filled the Kong with pieces of homemade bread crust and gave it to Sophie.  She had so much fun and was kept occupied for hours trying to get that bread out.  Here are a few photos of her enjoying herself.

Charlotte in the background and evidence of dog hair under the occasional table.  :)  Oh and evidence of a happy, well treated dog!!

The Kong has rolled under the sofa and Sophie is waiting for me to get it out for her. 

So cute with that tongue hanging out.

She looks pretty good doesn't she?!  At this moment she is out on the back deck sleeping in the sunshine.  She asked to go out and is very content snoozing away the hours.  Stripey is trying to climb on my lap while I'm typing this post and purring loudly in my ear.  There is nothing quite as wonderful as a purring cat.

Well I'm off to make pastry for Christmas mince pies.  The fruit mince has been happily doing it's thing in the fridge the past few days.  It smells divine.  I'm not sure if it's the brandy or the lemon rind but the proof will be in the tasting I'm sure.

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with your last minute shopping, baking and general preparation for Christmas.  Have FUN!

Anne  xx


  1. Hey Anne, Sophie looks very well and happy after her bout of illness and for a Lab. she has a 'lovely figure'....
    Good the cats are doing well. Have to take Tigger to the vet next week for a blood test. His thyroid levels are up and is on tablets twice a day as well.Not keen on taking them orally, they get crushed into his food.....
    Been admiring your crocheted cushion, just love the colours.....Enjoy the baking, hope it's not too warm there today.
    We've got a couple of hot days coming up.
    Best wishes for the festive season and 2013.........

    Claire x

  2. So cute.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year. xx

  3. Please send mince pie to me after you bake it!! People in the US don't seem to even know what it is. What is wrong with these people? ;-)

  4. Sophie looks adorable staring under the sofa !

    I've been reading your last posts. I am so sorry you had that comment. It seems anon is travelling blogland leaving a nasty trail. When we lived in Spain our dog frequently slept outside where it was cooler. I reported neighbours who chained their dogs outside in the heat of the day often out of reach of their water bowls.

    You know that I adore my cats & dog but you will also have read about me ranting about hair & muddy paw prints. I nearly cried yesterday after a bad night at the thought of hoovering the house again... but the joy & laughter the animals give out weigh the mess.

    I smiled at the Santa hat Tree & yarn bombed tree !

    Have a wonderful Christmas all of you ( cats dogs and all ! ) xx

  5. Sophie is looking very happy with her new toy :)

    Have a lovely sunny Christmas xxx

  6. Sophie looks a happy happy dog!
    Gill xx


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