Thursday, 20 December 2012

To the anonymous commenter

To the anonymous commenter (see below) on my last post, just want to let you know that I love my dog.  She is not ill treated in any way, is loved by the whole family.

I grew up on a farm surrounded by animals which I adored.  You name it, we had it including kangaroos, an emu, ducks, chooks (chickens), turkeys, geese, sheep, goats, cows, rabbits, cats and dogs.  The dogs always slept outside in their kennels, were always well cared for and a very important part of our life.

As I type this post, Sophie my dog is sleeping and snoring contentedly on her doggie bed in our living room where all the action takes place in our house.  When I make dinner in the evening she can usually be found at my feet while I'm chopping up veges etc.  She spends most of the day inside with me and I only put her outside during the day when I need to go out shopping etc.  She has skin allergies and we buy the best dog food we can from the vet to help her with that.

As for the dog hair, it's part of living with an animal isn't it?!  I totally get that.  Perhaps if you re-read my comments you will realise that much of what I said was tongue-in-cheek.  I don't know if you are a regular reader of my blog, if you are you will know that I love my animals.  Obviously my dog is trying to tell me something by her behaviour and I'm listening to her.  She is a boisterous and fun loving dog who loves her walks and thrives on the affection we give her.

Something you might be interested in hearing is that when she was a puppy and I took her to puppy training school, the trainer said she was the most stubborn Labrador she had ever come across.  That says something about her (Sophie's) nature don't you think?!  While we need to care for and love our dogs, they need rules and boundaries other wise they think they are top dog or the leader of the pack (the family).  Talk to any dog trainer and they will tell you that the human has to show that they are the leader of the pack otherwise they will have a badly behaved dog.  A badly behaved dog is not a joy to have around. 


"It is not very kind keeping a dog outside. If you are the sort of person who doesn't like dog hair or dog behaviour - like leaving fur around perhaps you are not best suited to have a dog. Usually people enjoy their dogs as part of the family and not to exclude them and leave them outside all the time. Your dog deserves a loving home where his doggie ways are not treated as being a nuisance and he is properly loved and cared for. You would be happier if he wasn't around perhaps, as you don't seem to enjoy him very much. You don't like what he does in the house or the garden. What is he supposed to do? Where is he supposed to go that has your blessing? A very great shame and sad reading.Poor dog to make you miserable so easily. I wonder if you would find his kennel so comfortable? I wonder why you think he does. "


  1. Some people are just stupid ( and not very perceptive either !!). Ignore them Anne!
    Have a very Merry Christmas

  2. You should not have given this person the satisfaction of a reply. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone. One can plainly see and would know if they have been reading your blog for any amount of time that you love your pets dearly. If this person doesn't like what you posted, stop reading and don't come back. Enough said. :)

  3. The dogs we have had the worst behavioural issues with have been treated like people!

    I don't doubt for a moment you love your dog Anne. I see no problem with her sleeping outside.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Oh Anne, we all know how much you love and care for Sophie.......
    As you said dogs need boundaries and we need to be the leader of the pack.........
    Some dogs are definitely an indoors breed and some are the outdoors variety and to keep them confined would be cruel......
    You do what works for you, your family and pet......

    As Gayle said 'Get lost Anonymous or use your name'!!

    Claire X

  5. Dear Anne, sorry someone doesn't understand you. I wouldn't worry too much about what they think. When I grew up most people kept their big dogs outside and they had a dog house and blanket. They never slept inside and certainly did not have the run of the house. That doesn't mean they were not loved. Things seem to be different these days.

  6. Stupid comment - and to refer to your dog as 'he' when you referred to her as she or Sophie just shows that your post had not been read properly.
    Glad Sophie is on the mend. She sounds very strong-willed!
    My dogs are shut in the kitchen at night otherwise they would definitely be up on the furniture.

  7. Hi Anne, so sorry you got this silly comment . Have my comments set to only allow people with a google ID to comment. It seems to help.
    It's plain to see you are an animal lover.
    Jacquie x

  8. Oh Anne I am so sorry that you have received this rude and horrible comment from someone who obviously does not know you, and that you felt you had to justify with explanations. I think you are very brave to have both published the comment and replied to it.
    Your regular readers don't need explanations as we know from your blog how you adore Sophie and what a loving home she has with you, and many dogs are far better suited to an outdoor kennel because of either their size, nature or temperament.
    I hope in future you can screen out the "nasties". Try not to let it bother you.This person obviously knows nothing about living with and looking after a dog and therefore should've kept their thoughts to themselves..
    Hope Sophie is settling down a bit now.
    God Bless you and Sophie, and have a lovely Christmas.
    Gill xx

  9. Judging by the grammar used in that comment, it's either a child or someone who has translated what they have said in another language...
    Sophie looks like a perfectly loved dog to me. Some people just have to have their two bobs worth - I say if you have nothing nice to say ... say nothing!

    Cheers - Joolz

  10. Oh Anne, I am sorry you got such comment... All of your regular readers know so well that you love so much Sophie! You did lovely posts with you and your dear Sophie and I enjoyed so much all photos you post with Sophie and you together in your home.
    Many hugs to you!


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