Sunday, 6 January 2013

:: 52 weeks of happy, 1/52 ::

This year I'm joining in with 52 weeks of happy.  Top of the list for me this week is -

1.  Talking to my Dad every day on the phone.

I took this hand held photo earlier this year.  I love it even though it's not our best photo.   I hope you don't mind me posting it Dad?!!

2.  Air conditioning especially when it's 38C.

Your calender looks perfect Louise.

3.  My gorgeous dog Sophie who has been keeping me company outside while gardening.

4. Sitting out on the deck to have breakfast or coffee while enjoying the flowers in the garden and the sound of the water feature.

I hope you have many happy moments this week.

Anne  xx


greenthumb said...

That's a great thing to do, we are having lots of happiness each day.

Claire said...

Anne, that's such a lovely photo of you and your dad....
I'm thankful for aircon too, it's been soooo hot......
I see on the news weather, you guys had alot cooler day today......wonderful.
Nice to see alot of greenery in the garden, such a cooling sight and a great spot to enjoy some quiet time.
Love the idea of 52 weeks of happy, look forward to reading more posts.....
Have a great week,

CLaire x

Jacquie said...

Hi Anne , so happy you are joining in :0)
Love the picture of you and your Dad.
Your garden looks's like a little burst of Summer has just popped into another cold misty day in the northern hemisphere.
Jacquie x

Louise said...

A lovely post - A great photo of you and your dad! I've been thinking about joining in with this but I'm not sure if I will, I haven't taken that many photos this week that I could use!

GardenofDaisies said...

That sounds like a lot of things to be happy about right there. I especially love the picture of you and your Dad. So sweet.

Tania @ Out Back said...

Love the photo of you and your dad Anne. Something to treasure I think :)

What a lovely subject to post about...52 weeks of happy :D


Naturally Carol said...

The look in your and your dad's eyes is priceless...your eyes are shining with happiness!

Rosie said...

Have enjoyed reading about your four happy things:)

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great photos, Anne!
You and your Dad have beautiful blue eyes!